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Kein Morgen – Werner Amann (und Leif Randt)

Kein Morgen – Werner Amann (und Leif Randt)

Kein Morgen (No Tomorrow) brings together photographs of parties, raves and afterhour clubs of the early 1990s. The faces captured by photographer Werner Amann reflect the ecstasy of a moment of departure, a glimmer of autonomy and freedom. The pictures were taken in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dortmund, New York, Zurich, Paris and Riccione, in clubs such as Omen, Tresor, E-Werk, Limelight, Tunnel and Sound Factory as well as at raves such as Mayday and the Berlin Love Parade. Short texts by Leif Randt look back on this time from today’s perspective, a quarter of a century later. What remains is the feeling of a historic moment of understanding and solidarity.⁠


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