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The Journey of Things (re-issue)

The Journey of Things - Magdalene Odundo (re-issue)

The Journey of Things (re-issue)

Magdalene Odundo

Vertical lines bound by razor-sharp rims, meet gently rolling bodies of symmetric beauty, round vessels with asymmetric collars and irregular appearing spikes that seem to be sometimes thorns, sometimes nipples, glowing in burnished graphite black or soft terra cotta.⁠ Magdalene Odundo’s work is inspired by the human body, by traditional vessels, ethnological objects, and sculptures. “Study whatever has gone before, not with a view to becoming a copyist, but with the object of gaining knowledge.” Fascinated by these words of British industrial designer Christopher Dresser she absorbed the British museums and pieced what she saw together into a language truly of her own.⁠ “Making is a journey of collecting, piecing together the collected or recorded memories.” This publication translates Odundo’s quote into print and shows her work next to all the objects that inspired her, insightful essays about her method and practice round it off.⁠ We are so happy that with the second edition we have this jewel back in our shop.⁠


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