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Pin-Up #28 S/S 2020

Pin-Up #28 S/S 2020

Pin-Up #28 S/S 2020

It’s here! PIN-Up’s issue 28 is inspired by the star that makes life possible on this planet – the sun.⁠ This issue brings you Studio Mumbai forever inspired by the romance of air, water, and light; luminary architect Francis Kéré as down-to-earth as ever; Gulf Futurism artist Sophia Al-Maria; architecture historian Beatriz Colomina discusses sunlight, architecture, and illness; a sunbook special with reflections on melting Modernism, tanning beds, heart-shaped resorts, nudist utopias, architectural sunsets, and a forecast of tomorrow’s sunglasses; an obsessive sunflower portfolio; Nerea Calvillo on pollen, particles, and pollution; an ode to shadows featuring this season’s finest sofas, and architect Christian Wassmann’s manifesto of the sun.⁠


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