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The Light Observer #3

The light observer #3 2021 - The Water Issue

The Light Observer #3

Surprise Subscription #6

The play of light at the bottom of a swimming pool, the glitter of the sun off an ocean wave, the reflection of a street lamp on rainy tarmac – we’ve all noticed these small light phenomena. But as its name suggests,‘The Light Observer’ magazine looks closer. Drawing from works of art and photography both historical and contemporary, alongside poetry, philosophy and science, this young magazine observes and explores the behaviour of light: this time through the lens of water. 


The light observer #1 2020

The light observer #3 2021 - The Water Issue

The light observer #2 2021

This third issue of ‘The Light Observer’ is packed with fascinating and unexpected material – we particularly loved the long interview with oceanographer Severine Martini, which discusses topics ranging from the diversity of bioluminescent deep-sea creatures to the writing of Jules Verne, and is accompanied by a photographic series by Nicolas Floc’h depicting the gradations of colour found in the ocean at various depths. 


Another favourite is a series of dreamlike yet dynamic pencil illustrations by artist Melinda Braathan, taking as their starting point the poem ‘Landscape with the Fall of Icarus’ by William Carlos Williams – a legend in which both sunlight and ocean play a part…


Those are just two examples of the captivating content that convinced us to choose ‘The Light Observer’ as our Surprise Subscription magazine for June. But we also spoke to Hugo Berger, founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine, about his personal highlights from this issue! Watch the interview and discover more about this enthralling magazine.

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