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Foam #55 2019

Foam #55 2019 - Talent

Foam #55 2019


The doomsday prophets had also their fair share to say about photography. When digital photography moved into everybody’s home and pockets, they predicted the expiration of photography as an art form. We exchange quality for mediocre quantity, so they said. But Foam shows us again, that the contrary is the case. The latest Talent issue proves that the band width of tools, result in more creative ways to express ourselves. And so Foam opens with the beautiful words: “A wide spectrum of themes, techniques and approaches that once again lets us say – yes, photography is very well alive and in very good health. As it is alive it is changing, evolving, creating ramifications and cross-pollinating. Most importantly, as the access to opportunity increases, the panorama becomes more and more fertile – and it‘s beautifully blossoming.”⁠


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