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Other Words

Other Words

“Written words are a funny thing. They surround us to an extent that it is almost impossible to escape them, and at the same time they tend to fly under the radar. They are omnipresent, in our streets, on our phones, sometimes even on our skin. We read words all day long and absorb their meaning, processing information, messages, ideas. We do so by looking at letters, but we hardly ever pay attention to their appearance, at least not consciously. And yet letters come in endless different forms, all of which carry meaning and evoke certain emotions and associations – often more so than the words themselves.” And still typefaces are mere forms. They release their subliminal power only once their are used. So in a way they are more like a building material, absolutely crucial, but only becoming truly meaningful when people make language visible through them. ⁠That is why the newly released book by German Finnish masters of typography Schick Toikka shows not just their typefaces but interesting examples of how they have been put to use by others – hence the title “Other Words”. Font descriptions, design studio introductions, as well as a wonderful preface written by Florian Hardwig, which we quoted above, turn this book into a reference book of a different kind. By featuring tons of type samples as well as works and collaborations with designers and artist that engage with Schick Toikka letterforms in visually and contextually interesting ways, the publication, created as a part of Schick Toikka’s exhibition at Helsinki Design Museum, honers the ways in which fonts can be used.⁠⠀


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