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Fukt #20

Fukt #20 2022

Fukt #20

The Face Issue

After two years of a global pandemic and people hiding behind masks, FUKT explores and celebrates the human face. One of the most inspiring drawing magazines, at least in our opinion, looks with its 20th issue at the art of portraiture in drawing. ⁠

Creating portraits is as old as humanity, but what does it mean today, especially in the age of selfies and social media? Featuring drawings by 34 contemporary artists, FUKT explores the face in contemporary art. Inside the magazine you’ll find a range of perspectives and themes, from face blindness to courtroom drawings and Lockdown portraits to face recognition – a selection of drawing positions that offer a unique look at the face.⁠

One particularly beautiful detail is the cover. While there are 24 different faces, if you unpack the magazine from its foil, you also detach the facial expressions. What remains is a cover with an outline of a face and space for doodling, portrait drawing, simple or elaborate, everything is possible.⁠


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