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Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

Clara Kim

Diving into Steve McQueen’s audio-visual cosmos feels most of the time like a free fall into the far-flung corners of the depths of human existence. His critically acclaimed films such as ‘Hunger’, ‘Shame’ or ’12 Years of Slave’ are anything else than easy to digest, spanning from slavery, racism, sex addiction, self harming behavior to torture. And yet, his tangible and astounding multi-sensorial exploitation of mankind shows above all, our vulnerability  – and it’s beauty. The Tate Modern currently would present – under different, pre-corona circumstances – the work of this exceptional British artist and filmmaker. This range of installations, films and video art of the last 20 years is both, radically thought-provoking and dazzling poetic. Starting where his last exhibition at the ICA ended in 1999, this catalogue gives you the chance to see – not in real, but in a not less tactile version – an on-going search of this radical mind for the truth, albeit as he said in interview with BBC Radio 4: “…the most horrific things sometimes happen in the most beautiful places…I cannot put a filter on life. It’s about not blinking.”


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