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The New Luxury – Highsnobiety

The New Luxury - Highsnobiety

The New Luxury – Highsnobiety

The fashion world got turned upside down in recent years. While it all started with streetwear brands and street culture hacking luxury fashion, they now became a part of it. Balenciaga dad sneakers walk through every street of Berlin, Fendi prints Fila logos allover their designs, Louis Vuitton makes sweatpants, and Vêtements sells their clothes out of the back of a DHL truck in a counterfeit market setting.⁠
It is the era of hype and early adopters, which turns teens and twenty something into the new luxury customer willing to spend enormes sums and to queue up for days to get their hands on the latest limited drop. Exclusivity is not (solely) created through a high price tag but through knowledge. It is not so easy anymore to buy into the group of the fashionable, you have to know your way around, understand the hybrids and quotes, the dynamics and collaborations. So who else than street culture authority Highsnobiety could explain better the changing face of the luxury market.⁠

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