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PpR #4

PpR Journal #4 2019

PpR #4

When did it begin that our clothing stopped to be an expression of belonging? An act of identifying with a certain way of living or a social group? Turning the pages of not another ordinary fashion magazine provides an initial response: Quite a while ago…A time when you simply couldn’t afford to buy everything you always ever wanted. Without endless adds, light and small-sized, PpR, is anything else than coming off the peg. Smooth and supple it bypasses our material world by focusing on fashion’s – all too often forgotten – potential to communicate between people, clothing and other cultural discourses, as Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief David Bennett states. Issue #4 takes you back to the 80ties, a time when London’s subculture reassembled, and the moment that the uniform became a symbol of rebellion and noncomformity. Clothing as an act of power against the establishment? Well, this is not what clothes are for these days. Thus, within PpR’s glossy and elegant splendor also our continuous aspiration for being – oh so – individual shines in a new light.


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