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Power to the People

Power To The People -

Power to the People

Georg Diez, Emanuel Heisenberg

Digitalisation has come under suspicion through the rise of surveillance, manipulation, and fake news. ⁠At the same time, it also offers opportunities for renewing our democracy. In their pamphlet “Power to the People”, Georg Diez and Emanuel Heisenberg argue for a different approach to the new technologies. They describe how identity, autonomy and co-determination can be achieved by digital means, for example through citizens’ meetings and new forms of voting. Using Barcelona as an example, they show how problems such as gentrification and climate change can be controlled with a completely new data policy. Technology, if we think of it in terms of a digital civil society instead as of the devil, could enable a new form of power and emancipation that grows from below: a digital democratic revolution. Maybe.⁠ Even though the title might suggest otherwise, this book is in German only.⁠


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