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A Dance Mag #1 2018

A Dance Mag #1 2018

A Dance Mag #1 2018


A Dance Mag, or the ways to go about living in the way of dancing. This newly created title coming from the Lebanese capital Beirut talks about experiences of transcendent consciousness reached with the movement of the body. A topic inspired by the Sufi whirling dervishes who use their bodies as vessels to surpass the limits of their physicality. Dance is the way the Sufi Master Ibn Al-Arabi thought about the Barzakh: being a space beyond limits, a space of imagination where you feel united with a universal source of creative energy from which all living things emerge. The first issue of Dance Mag brings us stories about the Horon dance in the Mountains of Turkey, the Master Musicians of the Joujouka in Morocco, as well as some Berlin-club-reflections on Ketamine, Techno and Derrida.


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