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Amphorea Me Kéfi

Amphorea Me Kéfi

Fresh off the press: The fantastic cookbook Amphorea Me Kéfi. Not only is this beautiful project self-published with heart and attention to detail, but the recipes are collected over years and tell the story of a family and togetherness – and (obviously) food. ⁠⁠
The Greek soil is barren, unruly and yet fertile. Pigments and herbs, plants and fruits are constant sources of recipes, ideas, stories and images. It all started with Giagia, the Greek grandmother who passed on her passion for cooking to all her six children, including her second-born son Stelios. The secret of this cuisine: fresh ingredients processed by hand and Greek gold – olive oil – as the basis. Over the years, Stylianos’ traditional dishes have been refined and developed into an authentic and independent cuisine. Daughter Dimitra has been collecting his recipes for years. This gave rise to the idea of publishing them in a cookbook. After almost exactly thirty years, Stelios and Regula are closing the chapter of Taverna Amphorea and passing on the space and tradition to a new generation. The cookbook is meant to let the recipes of Taverna Amphorea and the Greek way of life celebrated in it – kefi – travel on. “Amphorea Me Kefi” is a matter of the heart and a way of life.⁠⁠



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