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Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il Looking at Things - João Rocha

Kim Jong Il

Looking at things

Like any model dictator also notorious Kim Jong Il sought to orchestrate his own figure in the media. But since he did not really seem to like words or maybe the sound of his own voice, who knows, he was less than rarely seen giving speeches. Instead he staged himself as the observer of his county. If you now think that this means him looking at great scientific achievements or military gear, you are far from it. Not that he did not also do that but he seemed to “go and visit” everything that there is to see in his country.⁠

A feared dictator with a hardly changing facial expression, wearing blindingly dark sunglasses, and followed by an entourage of bodyguards and officers while he is looking at random things is unwillingly comical, in combination with caption such as “Kim Jong Il looking at a radish”, “Kim Jong Il looking at a dvd labeling machine”, “Kim Jong Il looking at women bras” it makes us laugh with tears. So for today we will probably do nothing else than looking at Kim Jong Il looking at things.


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