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In Almost Every Picture #16

In Almost Every Picture 16 - Sexy Sofa - Eric Kessels

In Almost Every Picture #16

Sexy Sofa

Is it a coincidence that the new edition of “In almost every picture” seems to be straight out of covid-19 quarantine life? And while most likely half of us made their own “sexy sofa” series during this stay-at-home-time, we probably have to admit that we are indeed not 1960’s Ruby with all her incredible outfits and poses. And that we are also missing such a sexy sofa. You know, a tufted corner piece in a classy shade of beige velveteen, lingering in a sensual curve in the corner of our room. Not to mention the tassels!⁠ Erik Kessels is an expert in photographic coincidence, obsessively collecting the pictures that others throw in the bin. Over the years, he has developed a keen sense for beauty and a healthy dose of absurdism, which has led to this wonderful series of amateur photography books.⁠


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