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How to save the World for free

How to save the world for free - Natalie Fee

How to save the World for free

Natalie Fee

While human activity is reduced to a minimum, earth is thriving. Looking at the images of the Venice channels being so clear that you can see every sand corn on the ground (who would have thought that the ground has beautiful light sand?!), one can not say anymore that the water is normally brown and muddy because Venice is build into a muddy lagoon. We know now it is not. We know now it is brown because we humans pollute it. And this is just one of many examples we are seeing in these days. ⁠So when you sit at home and wish that everything would go back to normal. Think again. If we go back to normal, we probably missed the lesson. Let us take this time to re-imagine what world we want to live in. And while we are convinced that the big steps for a more healthful coexistence of humans and nature should be regulated by far-reaching laws, there are many things everyone of us can incorporate into their daily life to do their part. How to start Nathalie Fee describes in her book How to Save the World for Free insistent, vivid, and lighthearted. Because if we don’t, we might not be able to tell each other to “stay home” and “stay safe” soon anymore, since we destroyed our home and no one is safe.⁠


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