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#HAIRTESTS (1st edition)

#HAIRTESTS (1st edition)

Guido Palau

Guido Palau, probably one of the most innovative and respected hairstylists in the world, is, as you can imagine, always busy. But that changed in the midst of the global pandemic when his non-stop schedule came to a halt. The creator of some of the most iconic hairstyles suddenly had time to himself – to pause, reflect and develop visions all his own. The book Hairtests is the result of this time. He used his mobile phone to document his creations, not to compile them in a photo book of finished works, but rather in a sketchbook, a collection of ideas. The result is truly ground-breaking. For as with all artists, their true vision is not revealed in collaboration, when they follow someone else’s artistic direction, but in their personal projects. ⁠



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