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do you read me?! x Taipei Art Book Fair

do you read me?! x Taipei Art Book Fair

For the second year in a row we had the pleasure to get invited to the Taipei Art Book Fair. The original plan was to go there ourselves. But as it happens: something came in between…It turned out that one of the good things about books and magazine is that they don’t spread anything but joy and togetherness – so they went instead. Within our contribution box for this year’s TABF – a platform for artists and independent publishers to showcase what they’ve got – we packed a huge stack of the nicest, refreshing European printed matter. Next to a range of COVID inspired paper works as Home Alone: A Survival Guide by Max Siedentopf, a photographic diary of the lock-down by Stanislaw Boniecki or Isolate Zine, magazines as the very first issue of Alien from Portugal, The Politics of Public Space, SICK Magazine, Hinterlands and small independent publishers as Happy Potato Pressmono.kultur or Real Review were presented in Taipei. Even though, the first thing which came to our minds while looking at these pictures was: ‘Keep the Social distance, pals!’ it made us incredible happy to see the buzz at these 3 days venture into independent publishing. Well, all good things come in threes: See you next year TABF! And this time in real!


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