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Bad Luck, Hot Rocks

Bad Luck

Bad Luck, Hot Rocks

In the Painted Desert (Yes, that is its actual name!) there are beautiful pieces of petrified wood laying around. And even though they are under protection and shall not be removed by anyone, a lot of visitors can not resist the urge to take one home as souvenir.⁠ But over a thousand people sent their dishonestly obtained trophies back, together with remorseful letters. They tell stories of misfortune, illness, troubles, and even death, that the sender connect directly to their stolen petrified wood. For many, their hope is that by returning these rocks, karma will be restored and good fortune will return to their lives. Unfortunately they can not be put back into the park as wished by many, since this would spoil sights for future research. And so they are put next to a gravel road in one big “conscious pile”.⁠⠀
Bad Luck, Hot Rocks prints a selection of the most intriguing letters of apology accompanied by photographs of pieces from the conscious pile.


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