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Augmented Photography (ECAL)

Augmented Photography (ECAL)

Augmented Photography (ECAL)

Augmented Photography is the offshoot of a research project developed in the newly created Masters in photography at écal, the University of Art and Design in Lausanne. Seen in broad perspective, ‘augmented’ refers to the layer of reality that is building up due to the systematic interference of computers. This book looks on where photography stands in this new arrangement, in five chapters entitled ‘New Tools, Ubiquity, Materialisation, Perspective and Conversations’ respectively dealing with the role of technological innovations (i.e. algorithms) in the photo-creation processes, the implications of mass online circulation of photos, the contemporary approaches of morphing pictures into 3D, and the attitude of traditional institutions toward such changes. In a nutshell, Augmented Photography aspires to see the growing wild world of digital image-making and sharing, a bit more clearly.


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