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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

I Know How Furiously Your Heart is beating -  Alec Soth

I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating

Alec Soth
Alec Soth is struggling these days to explain his work. As a photographer you are often required to have a strong narrative alongside your images. But Alec Soth did not want to portrait one social group or the people of one place. His approach is more poetical and less investigative. "Whether a picture is made in Odessa or Minneapolis, my goal was the same: to simply spend time in the presence of another beating heart.” he states. So the composition of the photographs might seem without connection at first, but that is only because their narrative is not so obvious and not driven by outside factors. The connection is fine and poetical. Alec Soth wanted to spend time with different people and for a moment feel their being and their lives. And through his photographs that appear to let you look deep into his subject's soul, you can spend some time with them, too. His sensitive pictures in 'I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating' let us feel what it means to be human.⁠ Probably it is that what makes him struggle to explain his work because it is not about what you see even though his medium is photography, but the inner dialogue you will have with his pictures.⁠ Buy
Boubou Business - Chantal Seitz

Boubou Business

Chantal Seitz
This is the story about East Germany and West Africa and something that weaves them together.⁠ Photographer Chantal Seitz captures the unusual connection between a fabric production in the small town of Aue in the northern foothills of the Erzgebirge and traditional, festive African Boubous.⁠ The shimmering Damast from Europe is the preferred fabric for the robes worn by men for special occasions or the Friday prayer at the mosque. Boubous - a throw with wide, body-length sleeves, and loose trousers - are a status symbol. They are inherited from generation to generation. Families often get into debt to have this garment charged with symbolism made. The shinier the fabric, the finer its pattern, the more important the wearer. ⁠Seitz photographically contrasts the two worlds that could not be otherwise. On the one hand the German production halls, where remnants of the valuable fabric are used to cover lunch or computer screens, on the other hand venerably dressed believers from Senegal. In between the pages real pieces of Damast connect the two realities.⁠ Buy
Closing Ceremony #2 2019

Closing Ceremony #2

Torbjørn Rødland's photograph gracing the cover of Closing Ceremony’s 2nd issue 'Americano‘ delivers what the photo magazine from Shanghai promises: A not-to-serious and yet, incredible sincere, smirking observation on the emotional rollercoaster American culture finds itself in, splitting a country to the utmost. For its latest issue the editors behind Closing Ceremony (Same Paper) bring together the work of 10 US-based photographers who picture their inner perspective and experience of their - chosen or not - home country. The result is a haunting and touching imaginary, a diverse portray of American people and their daily lives. Alongside comes the 'Amazine', a photography zine reflecting on the worlds most holy religion of these days, consumerism, provided best by global big player Amazon. This issue may not make America great again as the Doppelgänger of the cover is wishing for, but instead it serves as reality check, giving a resonant voice to an America which is as diverse as its inhabitants. Buy
Interview with Kai von Rabenau - mono.kultur

Interview with Kai von Rabenau – mono.kultur

The small independent fan-zine (DIN A5) from Berlin, with an even smaller lettering (8.5 pt), has been delighting its loyal readers for over 13 years. While some conduct an interview, mono.kultur takes the art of dialogue to the extreme with its extended question-answer game. The idea behind is simple: one issue, one artist, one interview. Right on time for the latest issue with fashion designer Iris van Herpen we met Kai von Rabenau, the driving force behind mono.kultur, to talk about the subtle art of an interview. In order to not be embarrassed in front of the master of vis-à-vis, we asked our questions à la carte. So from now on the rule is: one card, one question - following the motto ‘Play it as it lays’. More
Zeen - Scheltens & Abbenes

Zeen – Scheltens & Abbenes

Louise Schouwenberg
There are books that you could keep browsing forever or at least until your thumb starts bleeding. Paint flooded trashcans crossing yummy arranged breakfast tables, Raf Simons shirts dancing next to the beauty of perfectly cut paper edges, a bright clean and sharp portray of a small Paco Rabanne fragrance bottle morphing into textile scapes, a golden dress and stainless steel, fluffy whool and a time capsule of moving glimmer. Freshly squeezed out from their retrospective ‘ZEEN’ at Foam Amsterdam in 2019, the book accompanying the exhibition is a zoom into the world of Dutch photography couple Scheltens & Abbenes. With page filling glossy images, this catalogue comes not with essays but as a kaleidoscopic Tour de Force of glimpses into textures, patterns, forms and objects, allowing for new associations between Scheltens & Abbenes huge body of work. The sticky melting feeling of this compact book is a treat in itself, so the feast of material is not only to be found in content but also in the form. Buy
Salento Moderno

Salento Moderno

An Inventory of Private Houses in Southern Puglia
The eccentric and singular dwellings of Salento, a little piece of suburban earth in Southern Puglia, form an unique architectural panorama. While one could categorize these post-WWII family houses as kitsch or ‘horror shows’, the three photographers and two historians behind Salento Moderno decided to look upon this non-conform suburban terrain with a rather different perspective: as a many-sided architectural phenomenon mirroring the innermost dreams of their inhabitants, expressing their desires to leave their archaic life in poverty behind for a better life etched in concrete. Thus, the photographs of Salento’s private houses come with a great attention to the details, tucked away corners, swinging lines, floating forms, wild converging shapes and colors while exploring an architectural clutter which is as diverse as Southern Italy’s history. Buy
Googly Eyes

googly eyes

Christof Nüssli
Christof Nüssli’s sequence of photographed fried eggs with all its variations is, both unexpectedly illusionary and disillusioning. Googly eyes captures the well-known storefronts of New York’s Deli’s in a fairly unfamiliar way. The Swiss artist reproduces reproductions in order to tell essential stories about the values and norms of our contemporary visual culture, about the absurdity which reigns the current art world, about how we relate to our own transience, about New York, about racism... In short, Nüssli’s narrative which evolves in between egg yolks, sausages and textural fragments of John Berger, Jack Kerouac or the Beastie Boys goes far beyond olfactory delights. What the food factor does tell though is that something has cracked - and this time it's not an egg shell. Astonishing profound, poetic and witty googly eyes, a hymn to all 'the curves and all your edges all your perfect imperfections’, is a synesthetic treasure - even though a bittersweet one. Buy
Juergen Teller - The Master IV

Juergen Teller

The Master IV
When Nobuyoshi Araki is handing two „Teller“ into photoflash brightness - exposing himself kissing Juergen Teller - nothing more than another piece on the Master’s plate is served. Coming from a small town in southern Germany, Juergen Teller never ceases to surprise in merging the mundane with the glamorous. Like the past three editions of the photo book series, the 4th features Teller’s plain straightforward visual identity compressed into a simple and clear designed small, thin booklet with a complex statement that needs no words to explain itself. Deriving eccentric and ironic layers of small town realities to his preferred place of residence London and other hotspots, he turns around the plate in making the private public and the public private, offering insights to bizarre moments in the lives and houses of key figures of the world of art. Breakfast with Boris Mikhailov - his own photo book on the coffee table next to orange juice and cold cuts. Charlotte Rampling cuddling a fox next to another version of herself as a fox crawling on the floor and William Eggleston smiling at a bunch of weapons or a pink Gorilla. These photographs appear like Teller, now himself a celebrity, is looking back to rural life in Bavaria, showing life in it’s most real and fame in it’s most ironic appearances, removing the glossiness from fashion photography, like in his renowned self portraits. The masterful is embedded in the everyday, in the ridiculousness of life, Bon Apétit! Buy
Cloud Service - Batia Suter

Cloud Service

Batia Suter
The sky is the place that invites for contemplation. It stays quite the same, no matter when or where looked at. Nowadays the cloud turned into a metaphorical trope for an ever-present data space, which by up- and downloading creates another archive placed in the sky. Atlas, encyclopedia, grammar - these relations to the archive are exactly the structures Batia Suter uses as a template for her visual surveys, but in the same way here she confronts this new digital metaphor with a poetic, romantic view of the cloud. As in Parallel Encyclopedia and Radical Grammar, Cloud Atlas is a kaleidoscope of the relation of all visual phenomena circled around one blurred thematic circle. But with it’s thin, soft paper and light feeling, this time it appears more like a misty cumulus cloud than a bold image archive. This associative journey takes you through the dull and fluffy, to heavy rainy clouds and spheric dust, floating underwater plants and glimmering sand dunes, until you’ll find yourself counting sheep - thinking about this really deep sleep that takes you to cloudy dreamscapes again. It’s this kind of unexplainable associations that give you the feeling of having solved the puzzle in the order of things while looking at it. Apophenia is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections between unrelated things -in this case it’s a really satisfying tendency of our perception. Buy
Holiday #382

Holiday #382

The latest issue of Holiday Magazine is about the mystical state of Bhutan. Laying between the giants China and India, the small state is fast overlooked. But with its pristine heights, enchanting villages, untouched nature, and, unique culture it is one of the places where true travel is still possible. Holiday Magazine shows Bhutan through alluring photographs and stories about the solitary summits of the Himalayas and Bhutans love for archery, as the means of expression for the Bhutanese soul. The editor's letter sums it up in one sentence: "This is a real journey, the kind that proves there is such a thing as an elsewhere." Buy
Odiseo #12 2018

Odiseo #12 2018

Odiseo, volume 12 is a response to the rhythms of constancy and consistency in life. It evokes ideas of singularity and unconformity but also points at the significance of patterns and belonging, which among other things, helps explain the schisms in our behaviour and mindsets when we are with others and when when we are alone. The need to be part of something larger than ourselves and the need to be left alone. The cultural exigencies and the individual drives and personal peculiarities. Additionally, the written side of the magazine explores the role of artificial intelligence in raising our self-consciousness. Buy
Unseen Magazine #5 2018

Unseen Magazine #5 2018

This is the print publication of the Unseen platform in Amsterdam where you can find the latest work in photography. It showcases up-and-coming talents form the international photography scene. The current fifth issue comes in a new design and has a bolder attitude than the previous editions. Featuring some gorgeous flower photos, a conversation at the Aperture Foundation about the the foundation’s most recent projects and its upcoming publication: “How we see. Photobooks by Women”, plus the cool couple’s commission at Fujifilm’s European facilities, a photo-reportage representing the masculine and so much more cool imagery, texts and event materials drenching the magazine’s uncoated and polished pages. Buy
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