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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Press & Fold #1 2019 - Luxury

Press & Fold #1

Since quite a while the fashion industry is facing a groundbreaking paradigm change. If there is a good thing about late capitalism, environmental pollution, shortage of resources, exploitative labour it would be that we, 'the happy consumer and devil producer', are forced to change our mindset radically – and with it our notion of luxury. Luxury nowadays is about time, quality and care. Caring for our planet, the next generations and ourselves. What a new generation of fashion designers has to contribute to change the rules of the fashion industry can be seen in the latest issue of Press & Fold. A fashion magazine which is deeply concerned about alternative fashion forms and narratives. In this issue the author of Dissolving the Ego of Fashion Daniëlle Bruggeman explains why it is so necessarily important to leave the Fashion's Ego behind, a self-maintaining desire machine producing nothing else than shallow promises, the JOIN Collective Clothes project gives a glimpse into their work to make and wear clothes together as well as you can find out how fashion and intellect goes together pretty well these days as magazines like 032c, Vestoj and Purple practicing this for years. Press & Fold is a carefully thought through paper delight, a fashionable beauty which hopefully will sustain for a long, long time. Buy
Carcy #4 A/W 2019

Carcy #4

Lust at Large
Once in a while we come across a new magazine that makes us feel we do not hold one of the first issues but a classic in our hands. Carcy is one of them. Its beautiful large format photographs, the use of font, and lots and lots of white space make it seem timeless. But do not be fooled to associate classic with generic content and old views. Because the lustful fashion magazine Carcy portrays all genders, identities, and sexualities in order to sublimate and widen notions of beauty and sensuality - and by that is undressing societal norms.⁠ Buy
A Magazine curated by - Pierpaolo Piccioli

A Magazine curated by

Pierpaolo Piccioli
Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative mind behind Valentino, decided when A Magazine Curated by asked him to create a whole magazine for them, to dedicate it entirely to Rome - his city of birth, the backdrop of his life, and endless source of inspiration. And so we find the latest issue of A Magazine Curated by filled with debaucherous dresses of feathers, silk, and sequins in tourist filled squares and in front of decaying walls, nuns on cellphones, grand architecture mutilated or adorned with street art, religious icons, and Roman beach life at Punta Borghese.⁠ Buy
Figures of Speech - Virgil Abloh

Figures of Speech

Virgil Abloh
"Figures of Speech" examines Virgil Abloh's creative work over the last twenty years. The book contains well-known, but also over 1,800 previously unknown images from Virgil's personal files and gives us insights into his creations in the fields of fashion, furniture, graphics, architecture and his collaboration with other creative people. In extensive essays, Abloh's work is examined through the lens of the African diaspora and the way he works in both high and subculture.⁠ ⁠ And if that's not enough for you, there is also a special edition. In typical Abloh sampling style, it's the book featured on the cover of this book. It comes with a cloth slipcase, “Personal Copy” silkscreened on the book’s fore edge, a measuring tape ribbon marker, and a flexi disc that includes a recording of Virgil Abloh discussing his inspirations, garnished with a Juergen Teller photo. ⁠ Buy
The New Luxury - Highsnobiety

The New Luxury – Highsnobiety

The fashion world got turned upside down in recent years. While it all started with streetwear brands and street culture hacking luxury fashion, they now became a part of it. Balenciaga dad sneakers walk through every street of Berlin, Fendi prints Fila logos allover their designs, Louis Vuitton makes sweatpants, and Vêtements sells their clothes out of the back of a DHL truck in a counterfeit market setting.⁠
It is the era of hype and early adopters, which turns teens and twenty something into the new luxury customer willing to spend enormes sums and to queue up for days to get their hands on the latest limited drop. Exclusivity is not (solely) created through a high price tag but through knowledge. It is not so easy anymore to buy into the group of the fashionable, you have to know your way around, understand the hybrids and quotes, the dynamics and collaborations. So who else than street culture authority Highsnobiety could explain better the changing face of the luxury market.⁠ Buy
PpR Journal #4 2019

PpR #4

When did it begin that our clothing stopped to be an expression of belonging? An act of identifying with a certain way of living or a social group? Turning the pages of not another ordinary fashion magazine provides an initial response: Quite a while ago...A time when you simply couldn't afford to buy everything you always ever wanted. Without endless adds, light and small-sized, PpR, is anything else than coming off the peg. Smooth and supple it bypasses our material world by focusing on fashion’s - all too often forgotten - potential to communicate between people, clothing and other cultural discourses, as Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief David Bennett states. Issue #4 takes you back to the 80ties, a time when London’s subculture reassembled, and the moment that the uniform became a symbol of rebellion and noncomformity. Clothing as an act of power against the establishment? Well, this is not what clothes are for these days. Thus, within PpR's glossy and elegant splendor also our continuous aspiration for being - oh so - individual shines in a new light. Buy
Boubou Business - Chantal Seitz

Boubou Business

Chantal Seitz
This is the story about East Germany and West Africa and something that weaves them together.⁠ Photographer Chantal Seitz captures the unusual connection between a fabric production in the small town of Aue in the northern foothills of the Erzgebirge and traditional, festive African Boubous.⁠ The shimmering Damast from Europe is the preferred fabric for the robes worn by men for special occasions or the Friday prayer at the mosque. Boubous - a throw with wide, body-length sleeves, and loose trousers - are a status symbol. They are inherited from generation to generation. Families often get into debt to have this garment charged with symbolism made. The shinier the fabric, the finer its pattern, the more important the wearer. ⁠Seitz photographically contrasts the two worlds that could not be otherwise. On the one hand the German production halls, where remnants of the valuable fabric are used to cover lunch or computer screens, on the other hand venerably dressed believers from Senegal. In between the pages real pieces of Damast connect the two realities.⁠ Buy
Interview with Kai von Rabenau - mono.kultur

Interview with Kai von Rabenau – mono.kultur

The small independent fan-zine (DIN A5) from Berlin, with an even smaller lettering (8.5 pt), has been delighting its loyal readers for over 13 years. While some conduct an interview, mono.kultur takes the art of dialogue to the extreme with its extended question-answer game. The idea behind is simple: one issue, one artist, one interview. Right on time for the latest issue with fashion designer Iris van Herpen we met Kai von Rabenau, the driving force behind mono.kultur, to talk about the subtle art of an interview. In order to not be embarrassed in front of the master of vis-à-vis, we asked our questions à la carte. So from now on the rule is: one card, one question - following the motto ‘Play it as it lays’. More
Camp - Notes on Fashion - Andrew Bolton


Notes on Fashion - Andrew Bolton
Some are describing it as "You get the idea, or you don't. And don't even dream of asking why." (Christopher Isherwood) Others don't even bother trying to find the right words for it, but enact what camp might be. Both, theory and practice, are now gathered together in an opulent catalogue 'Camp. Notes on Fashion' published by Yale University Press. And yes, this book is indeed rose and turquoise. But honestly, how should it be otherwise - approaching fashionable notions of camp and supported by no one less than Gucci? Becoming popular at a moment of social, political and economic instability, to be camp was certainly the move of rebellion at the time. A time when popular culture was reaching out from its shadowy subculture spheres to the Olympus of Art - much to the horror of the establishment. More than half a century later The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's latest stroke of genius, the spring 2019 exhibition 'Camp. Notes on Fashion' curated by Andrew Bolton designed a lavish and not-less extravagant catalogue. Tracing the history of camp, its spectacular forms, the 250 objects dating from the seventeenth century to the present are not left on their own. As aesthetic grammar to decline the multifold notions of camp's exuberant stylistics serves Susan Sontag's probably most controversial seminal essay 'Notes on Camp' which she wrote shortly after leaving the sacred tin foil halls of Andy Warhol's Factory on East 87th Street in 1964. This two-folded booklet will escort you into a world of haute couture's most extravagant side, showing the exceptional work of fashion designers as Thom Browne, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Alessandro Michele, Franco Moschino, Yves Saint Laurent, Jeremy Scott, Anna Sui, Gianni Versace, and Vivienne Westwood on the one side whereas on the other side you'll find an extraordinary illuminating theoretical examination of camp in different times and different verve. Buy
Wallet #4 2019

Wallet #4

Shamans of Space
Where do you go to my lovely? - quite a justified question to ask since for quite some time now fashion has set out to venture in unknown spatiotemporal realms to be produced, mediated, experienced and consumed. After the haute couture has left its origins, outpaced the classical era of studios, ateliers and runways it vastly conquers new, hybrid territories, captures simultaneous platforms under ever-changing conditions. Help in due time brings the Norwegian fashion magazine Wallet, having in mind to look out for contemporary critical approaches towards fashion's expansive practices and meanings alike. While Wallet not only appears as a promising map - guiding you through questions as: leaving the physical behind - how far can you go? And, how virtual has fashion to be(come)? - it certainly functions as suitable Ariadne's thread to keep the orientation within the fashion industry labyrinth. In its fourth and latest issue, Shamans of Space, Wallet follows the traces where contemporary fashion was, is and will be performed. While in part 1 "Fashion Spaces in Practice & Theory" the British fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner, Australian fashion researcher Matthew Linde and Italian architect Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli are giving insights about their daily work, how they experience the on-going shift through fashion's economy as well as sharing their expectations and hopes for a fashionable future part 2, "Where does Fashion happen" stays visual showing various spaces where and how fashion emerge in sometimes unexpected places - at times beyond the obvious. And, as we all know the journey is the reward, Wallet is the perfect guide to get hold of where your lovely goes - as it is readable every and anywhere - for instance from the comfort of your couch. Buy
Hot Potato #1 2018

Hot Potato #1 2018

If you wonder what fashion and news have in common, the answer is probably that by the blink of an eye they both belong to the past. And that would be about it. Unless Naoise Farrell, the founder and editor of Hot Magazine, proves us better. Drawing from her personal work experience in fashion industry she bridges the gap by enlightening current political topics through the lens of a fashion magazine. Presented in the idiomatic newspaper format Hot Potato Magazine comes - "twice a year or so" - with political issues which matter while playing with the full sized printed surface without being in the least superficial. Whether discussing the never ending story of the Brexit in a "bite sized chlorine washed chicken nuggets" way in the continuing section ‚Brexplained’, observing the devious deals behind Gun Control or asking Climatologist Dr. Gavin Smith, an expert among Climate Modellers if it would be for the best for humankind to move to the Mars regarding the current environmental state of our planet, it is both: more than a fashion magazine content-wise and more than a newspaper form-wise. This fashionable treasure looks good on everyone or - as Naoise says - „Intelligence is your best accessory.“ Buy
032c #34 2018

032c #34 2018

032c, the summer issue is out now. Themed around a Big Flat Now moment, this 34th issue invites loosening up all ties with the past and future, and string along with the streams of decentralized information running through media without hierarchy. A tremendous overflow with no clear perspective, “no yesterday and no tomorrow” at its core. This issue’s dossier presents twelve entries about this seemingly infinite ground featuring encounters with rapper Travis Scott, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, WorldWideWitch community creator Johannes Paul Raether, artist Luchita Hurtado, collector Kenny Schachter, photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, and as usual, a spectacle of splendid photoshoot series. Buy
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