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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Dummy #67 2020 - Gefühle

Dummy #67 2020

The new Dummy is all about feelings: A sense of the needs of others, the perception of injustice and the admission of compassion are the foundations for a society in which the weak do not become even weaker in times of crisis. What is needed, apart from a rethink on the part of the state, is more empathy from each individual. Empathy, which many people are more likely to allow in the cinema than in real life. ⁠As always it comes in German, sorry. But we guess that makes Dummy is one of the good reasons to pick up German lessons...⁠ Buy
Interwoven #1

Interwoven #1

What actually began as an online magazine by Kvadrat and sounds like every other Instagram profile description, namely to publish stories and images about contemporary culture, became much more than that with the print publication Interwoven. It is a kaleidoscopic mixture of words, ideas, artworks and photographs from the last 500 years. The brief thoughts that accompany the visual roller-coaster ride are condensed, yet profound and inspiring for reflections on contemporary culture.⁠ Buy
Unfree Speech - Joshua Wong

Unfree Speech

Joshua Wong
When he was 14, Joshua Wong made history. While the adults stayed silent, Joshua staged the first ever student protest in Hong Kong to oppose National Education – and won. Since then, Joshua has led the Umbrella Movement, founded a political party, and rallied the international community around the anti-Extradition Bill protests, which have seen 2 million people – more than a quarter of the population – take to Hong Kong’s streets. His actions have sparked worldwide attention, earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, and landed him in jail twice. Composed in three parts, Unfree Speech chronicles Joshua’s path to activism, collects the letters he wrote as a political prisoner, and closes with a powerful and urgent call for all of us globally to defend our democratic values.⁠ But this is not only a story about Hong Kong. It is the story of fighting against oppression, of rising up against tyranny, and of the demand for democracy and human rights. So looking at the world right now - the rise of authoritarian regimes, the use of police and military forces against their own people, the undermining of democratic systems - all this shows that this book is important for all of us.⁠ Buy
Angela Merkel ist Hitlers Tochter - Im Land der Verschwörungstheorien

Angela Merkel ist Hitlers Tochter

Im Land der Verschwörungstheorien
Die BRD existiert nicht. Angela Merkel ist Hitlers Tochter. Und Chemtrails sollen uns vergiften. Es ist leicht in der ganzen post-truth Debatte auf die USA zu zeigen und belächelnd den Kopf zu schütteln, wenn mal wieder eine abstruse Verschwörungstheorie auftaucht. Das wir aber gar nicht bis über den Ozean schauen müssen um das Gruseln zu bekommen, zeigen Christian Alt und Christian Schiffer.⁠ Auf ihrer Reise durch ein paranoides Land (es ist tatsächlich Deutschland) treffen sie Verschwörungstheoretiker, Aussteiger und Opfer. Sie decken die psychologischen Mechanismen auf, die zu Verschwörungstheorien führen, erklären, warum das Internet nur zum Teil Schuld hat und tragen 23 goldene Regeln zusammen, mit denen wir den Wahnsinn endlich aufhalten können. Ein aufklärerisches Manifest und ein furioser Road Trip – auf dem sie dann aber einen großen Fehler machen: Sie erfinden eine eigene Verschwörungstheorie. Buy
Cimarron: Freedom Masquerade - Charles Fréger


Freedom Masquerade - Charles Fréger
Since the 16th century, all over the American continents, enslaved Africans have escaped their captors and founded their own communities or merged with indigenous peoples to form new identities. In his new series Cimarron - a Spanish-American term used to describe the fled slaves - Charles Fréger shows photographic portraits of their descendants today. In Brazil, Colombia, the Caribbean islands, Central America and the southern United States, masquerades are still staged today to celebrate and keep alive the history and cultural memory of African slaves and their descendants. Buy
Zeit Magazin int. The Berlin State of Mind - S/S 2020

Zeit Magazin int. – The Berlin State of Mind

S/S 2020
One reason to get hold of the latest issue of Zeit Magazin International: Tyler Mitchell is (one might tend to say only!!!) 25 years old and – almost did it all! A solo-exhibition at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, a cascade of magazine covers as Office, i-D, Dazed, AnOther – just to name a few – followed by fashion campaigns for Comme des Garçons, Prada, Givenchy (etc. pp.), and on top if it, Vogue’s famously Cover for the September issue together with Beyonce. Of course, we don’t know what is more shocking: That he was the first African American photographer in Vogue’s 125 history to do so or again, his age. Either way, we are already in love with this guy, who mentions James Baldwin and Frank Ocean within seconds, gives talks at universities while his photographic work traverse a new aesthetic of blackness. Other reasons are: interviews with William Defoe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a homage to artist Tomi Ungerer... Buy
Lissome Magazine Reading with Live Music

Lissome Magazine Reading with Live Music

Tuesday 21st of Jan. 2020 at 6.30 pm
We warmly invite you to discover with us the first issue of Lissome. A reading soundtracked by live music will guide you into the conscious, calm, and gracious world of Lissome.⁠ So if you are interested in New Years resolutions which are not solely existing in order to break them but actually transform the way we live as well as re-imagine our role as humans in an endangered ecosystem we are happy to see you on Tuesday the 21.01.2020 at 6.30 pm in our store in Auguststraße 28, Berlin-Mitte⁠. If that doesn't sound like a good start for this year...
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Tyrannus Optimus
Yes, we also got some 'How to' books for all the little Tyrants among us – and those who considering to become one...First step is building up a flawless media presence by knowing exactly how to look at things (best done by Kim Jong Il). Secondly, you should know your dictorial 'Pappenheimer' inside out! Whether you decode your predecessors' statues, know 'Handbook of Tyranny' by heart, become the greatest at 'War Games' or improve your special interest in 'How to Secure a Country', you'll certainly owe your pole position by having the slightest glue what Populism is all about. And in case, nothing is going according to plan, just 'Be more Vlad!' THAT'S NOT ENOUGH?????! Then this way...
Almost 30 #2 2019 - The Value Issue

Almost 30 #2

"Your 20’s were mellow times with vague ideas for later when you’re older, and nothing seemed to worry you. Till the day the big 30 appeared at the horizon and scared the crap out of you."⁠ When you are almost thirty, you start wondering. Shouldn't I feel more grown up? Because once I hit thirty I must be grown up, right? Thirty sounds like having a career, inviting friends for dinner rather than going clubbing, planing children, knowing how to do taxes... But then you are almost thirty and you still feel far away from all of this. ⁠ Almost 30 is a mindset magazine that combines German and English texts about togetherness, dating, loneliness, and personal development - all the topics that really matter when you are almost thirty, because let's face it nobody really knows what that actually means – grown-up. So let's stop worrying about it.⁠ Buy
Festac '77: The 2nd World Festival of Black Arts and Culture


The 2nd World Festival of Black Arts and Culture
'Colour has indeed always been a question of taste, not a question of judgement! [...] But it is not colour that makes history, it is the People, through their consciousness and their ability to master time and space.' Ahmed Sékou Toure, the first president of Guinea, knew exactly why FESTAC was of such importance for his people. People who society told not to be proud of their heritage and identity. After the 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture got postponed twice - once because of the ongoing civil war in Nigeria, the next because the urban facilities for the festival were still under construction. In 1977 FESTAC, the largest pan-African cultural event, finally took place - and went down in history. Over the course of one month, more than 17,000 people from Africa as well as those living in the diaspora came to Lagos, united by only one desire: to celebrate with pride and dignity their arts and culture. Among the artists were legendary musicians Stevie Wonder, Sun Ra, Miriam Makeba and Gilberto Gil, to name just a few. Together with Afterall Books, Chimurenga has succeeded in composing, arranging and reproducing a huge accumulation of archival material in just one (not small) book, ranging from newspaper articles, manuscripts, speeches, unseen photographs, floor plans - everything at all which can be associated with FESTAC '77. This eclectic hotchpotch is not only a significant contemporary witness of Black Arts and Culture at the time but also a witness of our present time - the fact that even forty years later, we are still facing a world in which, sadly, the colour of our skin is misused as an indicator of who we might are. Buy
We are the Weather  - Jonathan Safran Foer

We are the Weather

Jonathan Safran Foer
"Saving the planet begins at breakfast" states the subtitle of "We are the Weather", the latest book of Jonathan Safran Foer. And while we chew on our Sunday brunch, we might initially take a defensive state - Really? Now Foer tells us that even our most favorite Sunday habit is a threat to life? - But stay calm, this book is not about food and eating habits. On the other hand it is also not meant to calm you. So we take that back.⁠ In the first part of the book, titled "The Unbelievable", Foer tells shortly historical turning points and personal stories, which all lead to the suspicion that the human mind is unable to emotionally engage with something that is terrifying by the facts but invisible in every day life and therefor not shaking our emotions. Like the climate crisis. "Our alarm systems are not built for conceptual threats." Which seems one of the reasons why we know about climate change and the threat it is to human life but are unable to take actions. And even though Foer just concluded that we are somehow immune to the devastating facts, he presents us with them nonetheless - through bullet-point lists. Arranged in small size bites and still far from being easily digestible.⁠ ⁠But instead of now presenting us with tools or action plans, what one might expect, to overcome our paralysis, we will read impressions and anecdotes of what means "Home" followed by a inner monologue titled "Dispute with the soul". And latest now it dawns us. What the hard facts are unable to do, Foer is trying (and succeeds at) - he emotionally shake us.⁠ ⁠ May that be the wake up call we all needed to finally take the steps necessary to safe our biotope, our home.⁠ Buy
Sontag. Her Life - Benjamin Moser

Susan Sontag

Benjamin Moser
To offer you a small glimpse of all the beautiful titles which are dropping in our little store day after day makes up the most enjoyable part of our job. And honestly, the easiest - since they all are exceptional in one way or another. But sometimes - as in the case of Susan Sontag - there resonates an undeniable reverence, an uncertainty about where to start or where to end. How can one possibly find the right words to come anywhere close to one of the most sharp-witted, charismatic and controversial writers of the twentieth century? The sincere answer is: We'll not even try. The only thing we can do is highly suggest you to see the world through the eyes of an intellectual, a critic, a lover, a mother, a homosexual, a loner, a stubborn and above all, through the eyes of someone who fully dedicated her whole life to the written word. While you get hooked in Benjamin Moser's latest biography or in the numerous essays of Sontag herself, one thing is for sure, they are after all these years still a delighting, eye-opening read, so much we can promise.  Buy
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