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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Architecture Monogram #2 - Anouk Vogel

Architecture Monogram #2

Anouk Vogel
When Swiss-Dutch landscape architect Anouk Vogel got invited to take part of the Architecture Monogram series she decided to do this – yet, not without her alter ego. Vogel is used to hear both sides of the story, when she starts to think about new projects – sometimes solely within her head, sometimes as soft whisper, while one adopts the analytical tasks, the other one stays intuitive. How this on-going dialogue ‘sounds’ like can be seen and ‘listened to’ in this thoughtfully composed artist book. Thereby her inner Q&A never stands alone. Architectural designs, photographs, and material collections accompany her thoughts and probably represents best, what both sides of her brain hemispheres certainly can agree on: “I wish design could be simply the possibility of something.” - “Rather than an end product?” - “Yes”. Buy
Terrestrial Tales - 100+ Takes on Earth

Terrestrial Tales

100+ Takes on Earth
Where on Earth do you begin a story about the Earth? Earth defined by nature? Earth defined by a higher power? Earth defined by humankind? ⁠After a "Call for Globes" by the ETH Zurich, the responses were wide-ranging, coming from various disciplines. Whether from sciences addressing the subject of climate change, from architecture raising questions about global urbanisation, or from the arts reflecting on planetary transformation - the material gathered does not only open a discourse on how we see the world, but also how our world is constructed of competing narratives. And what better way to show this, than the opening picture of "Terrestrial Tales" showing God as a supreme craftsman bowed over the globe to administer the final touches of his creation, next to a picture of a migrant worker assembling a mass-produced globe between boxes and boxes of big blue plastic spheres in a factory somewhere on planet earth.⁠ Buy
Full Scale False Scale - Notes on Experimental Jetset Vol. 3

Full Scale False Scale

Notes on Experimental Jetset Vol. 3
"Mies stands out so far today that one must stand for him, against him, underneath him, on top of him, on his shoulders if you get there. My stand today is violently anti-Miesian." - Philip Johnson ⁠ ⁠ For their recent installation at MoMA Experimental Jetset made a sorrow research which they compiled in the reader Full Scale False Scale, named after a Pavilion built in 1962 by architect and architecture critic Philip Johnson. The reader accumulates quotes and theories on architecture, construction, colour, elementarism, de Stijl, and international style with a focus on Philip Johnson and influences by Mies van der Rohe, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and Theo van Doesburg. Sorted only by chapters it lets you into the manyfold thoughts on (and against) modernist architecture with strong quotes that stand alone - uncommented, without hierarchy. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ "I wanted deliberately to fly in the face of the modern tradition of functionalist architecture by tying on to an older, nobler tradition of garden architecture. (...) In 1963, we are, I should imagine, thoroughly sick of Utilitarianism in all its forms, but one of the most banal effects of this philosophy has been its effect om the art of architecture. Usefulness as a criterion condemns our art to a mere technological scheme." - Philip Johnson ⁠ ⁠ "The surface is ultimately the only determining factor in architecture, humanity does not live in construction but in the atmosphere evoked by the surfaces." - Theo van Doesburg ⁠ ⁠ Buy
Upcycling - Reuse and Repurposing as a Design Principle in Architecture


Reuse and Repurposing as a Design Principle in Architecture
Even though upcycling is a well known design principle, this book is not about design and so you also won't find questionable so-called solutions of cut plastic bottles turned into planters. On the contrary. This book focusses on reuse in architecture, from cannibal architectures to upcycling ruins to creating building materials out of waste or found objects to encourage sustainable thought and action in architecture to reusing building materials like they did for the incredible building of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.⁠ This book is bi-lingual: English and German. Buy
2G Fala

2G Fala

Fala is a young architecture practice founded in 2013 in Porto, working often with tight budgets, existing buildings or spaces, sometimes even listed. Their work is playful and graphic, creating a spatial tension between the old and new or the modern openplan inside and the historic outside. Fala, led by Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, and Ahmed Belkhodja, works with recurrent elements, which they call tropes, whereby they created a distinctive spatial vocabulary. Colour is used for punctuation, geometric forms are integrated to guide the gaze. And their collages to visualise the projects are the icing on the cake, a true artwork by themselves.⁠ Buy
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Design and Architecture Lovers
There are plenty of ways to design a better future. So many, actually, that it took the elves behind do you read me?! a few night shifts to finally present you a collection which will let your christmas tree shine sustainably this year. ⁠Spanning from The Touch by Kinfolk and their friends from Norm Architects, Jeroen Junte's 'Do it Ourselves' spotlighting the latest verve in Dutch Design, the impressive compendium Atlas of Furniture Design by Vitra, the unlimited paperback edition of the marvelous work of Herzog & de Meuron, Magdalene Odundo's 'Journey of Things' as well as Materialisation in Art & Design (MAD) which gives a glimpse behind the scenes of a temporary master at Sandberg Instituut.⁠ ⁠ Oh, and did we mention the fantastic book 'Architektur für die Katz'? It will definitely change the seven lives of your cat for the better - or at the least the current one. ⁠ For more last minutes Christmas Gifts click here.
The Museum Is Not Enough

The Museum is Not Enough

"When I was first starting out, I decided to call myself a center.", recalls the Canadian Centre for Architecture. "At the time the choice was clear, but it's only now that I've fully realized what it means not to be a museum. I really think that in our world being a museum is not enough."⁠ ⁠ The bold statement oscillates in the room for a moment until CCA continues: "What I am for is questioning what is going on around me - and uncovering alternatives. I try to act as a frame for making sense of, anticipating, and projecting on the world. I do this by focusing on architecture. (...) Architecture is a way of reading and redefining the present, the society in which we're living and working. But if I want to read the world through architecture, I have to decide what I am looking for."⁠ For the first issue CCA decided on the significance of the archive as a site for the production of new ideas, display strategies in architecture exhibitions, the need for mediation in art, and the impact of the digital in current museum practices.⁠ Buy
East German Modern - Hans Engels

East German Modern

Hans Engels
The latest book East German Modern of photographer Hans Engels takes us on a visual tour through the Neue Bundesländer. And yes, we admit most of it is grey, but that is only because concrete was one of the main building materials. It was thought to be economic and innovative. The architecture pictured tells the story of a time when a young nation dreamt of modern living for everyone. The buildings were created with an eye towards modernity, formalism, and efficiency. Prefabricated systems were invented, instead of ornament the buildings are rhythmic through metal cladding, tiles or windows. Flipping through this book you can not stop wondering why you have never heard these architects names, while all the modern western architects that had similar styles and approaches are so famous. And while we are very happy that Prenzlauer Berg did not get teared down to build then modern Plattenbau blocks as was the plan (while we are equally happy the city center of Paris was not teared down to the ground for Le Corbusier to built enormes high-rise buildings to house all the Parisians), we admit that the architecture shown in this book, does not just has historic but also cultural value.⁠ Buy
Trans Magazin #35

trans #35

Since the late 90ties the magazine trans lives up to its name. Holding the current brainchild of ETH Zürich's architecture students in your hand it becomes clear that 'trans' is, in fact, an understatement. The bi-annual, tri-lingual and mono-thematic magazine has a lot to offer - and this not only for people who are coming from within the field. ‚Bruch‘ is the name of their current issue and can be translated as many things: as fracture, rupture, break - or simply crack. For those who can't resist the seducing yellow glow behind the crack which runs through the cover: The contributions are dizzying and mind-blowing, or at the least mind-changing, as your notion of ‚Bruch‘ will be surely a different, more transversal one. We’re not sure what this means exactly but we trust the wise words of Leonard Cohen: "There is a crack in everything, that's how the lights get in.“ Buy
Carrousel Confessions Confusion 1 Set 1 - Jan De Vylder

Confessions Set 1

Jan De Vylder, Peter Swinnen, Arno Brandlhuber
"I still remember that day I took the bike and headed down to the house that René Heyvaert built for his brother Gilbert. It was a grey day and it must have been somewhere early spring. It was some half an hour's drive. Though grey weather it was not cold anymore." tells Jan De Vylder in "Carrousel Confessions Confusion". The publication reveals in three booklets the architectural confessions of three architects - Jan De Vylder, Arno Brandlhuber, and Peter Swinnen.⁠⁣ ⁣Jan De Vylder's confession is deeply personal and tells the story of an admiration for the architect René Heyvaert that urged him to visit that one house year after year. He stared at it from the distance, imagining how it might feel to live inside. While Arno Brandlhuber takes the word confession at its root and looks closely at the Peter and Paul church in Dettingen, just ten minutes away from where he grew up. As a young boy he had to make a presentation on Dettingen. And even though he does not state it himself, when you see the pictures of the interior of the church you can not help but feel the influence this unusual building had on Brandlhuber's architectural vision - raw concrete, high reaching columns still showing the traces of the formwork, unadorned surfaces meet zigzag relief and milky light.⁠⁣ ⁣⁠⁣ ⁣"Carousel Confessions Confusion" unfolds the way of seeing of these three architects and ultimately lets you understand their mind and workings. And that probably more than if you would look at their own works. ⁠⁣ Buy
San Rocco #15 Spring 2019

San Rocco

Last Issue
‚This is not a call for papers!‘ Saying goodbye by dedicating its (literal) latest issue to the meaning of death in architecture and beyond can hardly be done more gracefully. Alas, after almost one decade working in print business and 15 released issues, San Rocco’s brilliant architectural endeavor comes to an end. We are not only going to miss its elegant, monochromatic cover design on our shelves but also its crisscrossing, interdisciplinary approach to lampoon architectural matters in - an ever delighting intellectual way! Not to mention San Rocco's dazzling titles as ‚Fuck Concepts! Contexts!’, ‚Monks and Monkeys!‘ or simply ‚Pure Beauty‘. R.I.P. and Buon viaggio! P.S.: As the dead don’t 'really' die, you can always browse our last paper back-issues of San Rocco or buy already sold out issues online as digital reincarnations here.
Salento Moderno

Salento Moderno

An Inventory of Private Houses in Southern Puglia
The eccentric and singular dwellings of Salento, a little piece of suburban earth in Southern Puglia, form an unique architectural panorama. While one could categorize these post-WWII family houses as kitsch or ‘horror shows’, the three photographers and two historians behind Salento Moderno decided to look upon this non-conform suburban terrain with a rather different perspective: as a many-sided architectural phenomenon mirroring the innermost dreams of their inhabitants, expressing their desires to leave their archaic life in poverty behind for a better life etched in concrete. Thus, the photographs of Salento’s private houses come with a great attention to the details, tucked away corners, swinging lines, floating forms, wild converging shapes and colors while exploring an architectural clutter which is as diverse as Southern Italy’s history. Buy
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