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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Unprofessional - Matilde Søes Rasmussen


Matilde Søes Rasmussen
Through photography and text, Gothenburg-based artist Matilde Søes Rasmussen explores her time as a professional model. Having spent ten years in this role, she now turns her attention to questioning its power structures, beauty ideals, and objectification. ⁠ ⁠ ‘Unprofessional’ is a hybrid book that moves between documentary and fiction, performance and life, wherein she uses her own body to investigate how these structures impact self-image and identity. It is an attempt to find meaning in a career as a model, as an ever-changing character, and as something that is constantly being assessed, bought, sold, and admired. ⁠ ⁠ Rasmussen has decided to photograph back.⁠ Buy
Vacance #1 2021 - Berlin

Vacance #1 2021 – Berlin

Edition of 100
Yuki Aizawa comes from Tokyo to visit his friend Hiroyoshi Tomite in Berlin for 16 days in the summer of 2021. Aizawa is fascinated by the Berliners who, despite the worldwide pandemic, enjoy their summer with ease and joy of life. ⁠ ⁠ Tomite, inspired by the new perspective his friend gives him on the city of his choice, follows him and sees Berlin once again as he experienced it when he first arrived.⁠ Buy
Mastering the Elements - Jana Hartmann

Mastering the Elements

Jana Hartmann
The Greek natural philosophers, the alchemists, believed that the transformation of substances in nature was possible. They believed that nature strives for perfection and that therefore all earthly metals would one day turn into gold. And so they searched for a "philosopher's stone" that would transform simple base metals into precious gold.⁠ Remarkably, after the discovery of radioactivity in 1925, gold was actually produced from base metals for the first time. Such transmutation is possible in particle accelerators or nuclear reactors, but the production costs currently exceed the market price of gold many times over.⁠ Jana Hartmann's work is a photographic research on the scientific exploration and conquest of nature from the beginnings of alchemy to the present day. In her photographic works, she takes up various themes that have aroused the curiosity of researchers throughout history, such as the concept of matter. With the aesthetic verve of her motifs - including references to alchemical symbolism, scientific experiments, natural history exhibits and self-built studio models - she entices curiosity about the scientific context.⁠ The photo book Mastering the Elements juxtaposes her photographic references with the results of her extensive research of alchemical writings, accounts by contemporary scientists and articles on the ethics of science, initiating a fascinating dialogue between different narrative perspectives - the visual artistic, the allegorical alchemical, the philosophical and the scientific.⁠ For the artist, the message we can take from the alchemists is a holistic view of the world in which man and nature, spirit and matter are closely interwoven. Buy
Disobey - Frederic Gros


Frederic Gros
Among the many disturbing aspects of our time, the most shocking may be our passivity, our willingness to become spectators in a disaster from which we ourselves will be unable to escape. In response, philosopher Frédéric Gros examines the roots of disobedience. He draws on sources from Socrates to Thoreau, uncovering evidence from events as diverse as the Eichmann trial and the experiments of Stanley Milgram. Gros claims that philosophy itself is inherently disobedient. It asks us never to give in to the obvious or the commonplace, and forces us to rediscover a sense of political responsibility. Disobey is a call for critical democracy and ethical resistance. Buy
Berlin Cash

Berlin Cash

Do you remember the time when cash was king in Berlin? When you were lost if you left the house without cash? You couldn't pay with a card practically anywhere. Well, that has changed. Like Berlin on so many other levels. Now you can pay with your watch, with your mobile phone, and of course with card, while physical money is all too often refused. And yet, right in this moment of change, ATMs are popping up all over Berlin in the strangest places. It seems like a last rebellion in urban space before cash disappears altogether. The book "Berlin Cash" features 72 colour photographs of ATMs by Peter Bünnagel.⁠ Buy
Sara. Corpo e Mondo

Sara. Corpo e Mondo

Dario Salamone
Sara. Corpo e Mondo is the title of Dario Salamone's new book. Sara is also the name of the protagonist who exposes her body to the camera's gaze on a deserted beach in this photo series.⁠ ⁠ In the book's photographs, taken in just a few hours during a non-stop session, Sara enters into an effortless dialogue with the photographer. And because Sara's curves and the photos' unedited immediacy paint a counter-image to false ideals dictated by advertisements, this series of photographs is also a social and cultural critique. Sara's lightness invites a more positive body image that does not exclude bodies that do not fit into a certain image.⁠ Buy
Fifty Sounds - Polly Barton

Fifty Sounds

Polly Barton
From min-min, the sound of air screaming, to jin-jin, the sound of being touched for the very first time, from hi’sori, the sound of harbouring masochist tendencies, to mote-mote, the sound of becoming a small-town movie star, Fifty Sounds is a personal dictionary of the Japanese language. Polly Barton recounting her obsession with the country she moved to at the age of 21 - Japan. Irreverent, humane, witty and wise, Fifty Sounds is an exceptional debut about the quietly revolutionary act of learning, speaking, and living in another language.⁠ Buy
Mother's Therapy - Mathias de Lattre

Mother’s Therapy

Mathias de Lattre
About ten years ago, Mathias de Lattre's interest in psychedelics led him to start researching psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced by about 180 species of mushrooms. He had an intuition that these fungi could provide an alternative to the psychiatric treatment of his mother, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His search took him from prehistoric cave paintings in France to traditional medicinal practices in the Peruvian jungle to psilocybin researchers in London and Zurich. Through text and images, Mother's Therapy brings together science and humanity.⁠ Buy
1 Brot - Es ist broternst

1 Brot

Es ist broternst
We love bread! But times are changing and the staple food has been torn between supermarkets with cheap ready-made baked goods full of additives and beautifully designed new bakeries that make bread an expensive commodity for sometimes, but definitely not for everyday consumption. And then there are the intolerances and the demonisation of carbohydrates. Gone are the days when bread was bought from a baker with tradition and knowledge at a low price and eaten daily. Bread has become a social question. ⁠ ⁠ Brot is dedicated to what is probably the most important food, the bread - at least for Germans. Buy
Kennedy #12 2021 - NYC

Kennedy #12

Chris Kontos, editor-in-chief of Kennedy, has never been to New York, and yet the latest issue of Kennedy is dedicated to the city that never sleeps. "Even though I know more than a few things about New York, I resemble someone who has an unhealthy obsession over a person they have never met whereby everything they think about them is inevitably romanticised." And that's exactly how he got us. New York has always captured our imagination, and one of us has even had flights that, for other reasons, were never taken. So much is said and written about New York, it is the backdrop or the main character in so many films, that it has become its own myth. And since this projection is as much a part of New York as reality, you will find both in this issue of Kennedy. So you can travel in mind and feed your own imagination of the Big Apple, as Chris Kontos always does: "I was reluctant to visit NY for many years in case the myth of the city I had created crumbled like a sandcastle."⁠ Buy
Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life

Charlotte Perriand

The Modern Life
Charlotte Perriand was one of the great designers of the twentieth century. But she has been pushed into the shadows of iconic male designers because, well, let's face it, she's a woman. The cover of this publication is one of the most poignant testaments to that. Charlotte Perriand designed the famous chaise longue LC4 with Le Corbusier, but instead of being known as the creator of this design classic, she was for a long time just an ornament. Passively placed on it for a photo.⁠ ⁠ However, this publication sets things straight and highlights the impact she has had on the field of design. But Perriand was even more than a furniture designer of timeless classics. For her, architecture and furniture had to be considered in union to create the modern interior. She called her holistic approach "the art of living". This extensive and beautifully illustrated book traces her long career from the 1920s to the end of the century. It captures a modernist pioneer and hugely influential designer but also reveals Perriand the person: dynamic, sporting, socially minded and collaborative.⁠ Buy
Ronan Bouroullec - Janvier


Ronan Bouroullec
Enjoy a hint of colour and fluidity thanks to the collection of drawings by renowned designer Ronan Bouroullec! Each publication of his drawings shows transformations in style and concentration of details while remaining all very unique Ronan Bouroullec.⁠ Ronan Bouroullec is probably best known for his furniture design practice alongside his brother - but he's also a painter. His works on paper follow the idea of so-called intuitive drawing. This technique allows him to develop new images and reach the subconscious layers of the mind. Even though these are abstract, they give the impression of fabrics, folds, upholstered furniture or wavy glass. The balance of form and color within a few simple lines is astonishing and reassuring.⁠ Buy
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