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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Das Letzte Jahr - Martin Gross

Das Letzte Jahr

Martin Gross
"Das letzte Jahr", German for "the last year" does not refer to our last year 2020, which is fortunate because we already have had enough of that. The year meant is 1990, a rather important year in Germany because it was the year in which the reunification of West and East Germany was hastily accomplished. And yet it fell into a collective oblivion. Everyone remembers 1989, when we danced on the Wall. But 1990 seems too scattered to grasp. ⁠ ⁠ The author Martin Gross tried at the time. He had an intuition of the significance of the year that marked the downfall and reshaping of the country. He lived in the GDR for a year and described how people made the transition from the old to the new system. He portrayed people as diverse as the guard of a former Stasi prison, the store manager of one of the new supermarkets, the stokers of a power station, the bodyguards of a minister and the cleaners of a government building.⁠ ⁠ The book was first published in 1992, but soon fell into oblivion. In 2019, Jan Wenzel came across it while researching for his book "Uncovering 1990" and took many of its notes. With a distance of 30 years, these notes were now perceived by critics as "clear-sighted", "precise", "stylistically brilliant" observations of the turning year. But the author himself could not be found. Fortunately, contact was finally made in June 2020 and a new edition of the title was planned.⁠ ⁠ And so here it is again, a book that describes a historical event, but not through political steps, but through the impact it had on people's daily lives. Buy
Social Matter, Social Design

Social Matter, Social Design

For good or bad, all design is social
For good or bad, all design is social!⁠ This book challenges the very idea of social design. Jan Boelen argues that there is no social design, because all design is social. Social Matter, Social Design offers novel forms of critical and meaningful engagement at a time of mounting social contradictions. Unfortunately design is part of the problem, but luckily also part of the solution. Buy
BODY Book - Lotte van Raalte


Lotte van Raalte
The female body has not been owned by women for a long time. The way it is portrayed is dictated by advertising, the way it is viewed is dictated by the male gaze, what and how much of it should be seen is dictated by society and our nipples belong to Instagram and are locked behind little gif stickers. That's why this book is so refreshing. Body shows photographs of 46 women in their most natural form. Lotte van Raalte explores the female body with her camera without sexualising, without judging, without shaming, but with a loving eye for all shapes, ages and colours. The result is incredibly intimate and breathtaking. Time to reclaim our bodies and love them as they are! Buy


Heleen Peeters
Humans and horses share an inseparable history. First as a means of transport and labour, they became popular pets with moral status, used for recreation, competition and medical therapy. A less documented part of this history is the horse serving as food. Heleen Peeters explores horse culture around the world, navigating from breeders, competitions and rescue centres to slaughterhouses, factories and butchers. In a visually stunning way, she touches on questions about our relationship with animals and meat consumption.⁠ Buy
Tokyo Papers - Karel Martens

Tokyo Papers

Karel Martens
In 2018 Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens received a package from artist-curator Pierre Leguillon that contained filled-in Japanese forms which Leguillon had found at a street market in Tokyo. Martens was intrigued by the collection of thin paper with a rectangular black-blue layer of carbon on the back. He started to print on these back sides, but because the overprinting on the carbon layer caused unwanted damage, he switched to printing them on the front sides, creating a beautiful correlation between his abstract forms and colour combinations and the ones of Japanese bureaucracy.⁠ Buy
Funny Weather

Funny Weather

Olivia Laing
In the age of Trump and Brexit, every crisis is immediately replaced by the next one. The turbulent political weather of the twenty-first century creates anxiety and makes it difficult to look into an uncertain future. How should we react? Olivia Laing provides a brilliant, inspiring argument for why art is more important than ever as a force for resistance and repair. Art, she argues, is changing the way we see the world. It reveals inequalities, exposes, criticises and offers alternative paths.⁠ ⁠ Funny Weather brings together a career’s worth of Laing’s writing about art and culture, and their role in our political and emotional lives. She profiles Jean-Michel Basquiat and Georgia O’Keeffe, interviews Hilary Mantel and Ali Smith, writes love letters to David Bowie and Wolfgang Tillmans, and explores loneliness and technology, women and alcohol, sex and the body. With characteristic originality and compassion, Funny Weather celebrates art as an antidote to a frightening political time. The collection of short essays, articles, and columns that immerse you in an analysis, a stream of thought, or an emotional interpretation makes this book feel like spending an afternoon with one of your brainiest friends.⁠ Buy
Living The City

Living The City

of Cities, People, and Stories
Many cities in Europe are once again restricting social life, but this time it feels different. The first lockdown in spring had a collective feeling. We were separated, but we were closer together in heart than on any other "normal" day. We were supportive and said that we would get through this together. That spirit is not there this time. The excitement about the novelty of this situation has disappeared, and so somehow the limitations feel more exhausting. Probably because we have to deal with them alone this time. ⁠ So while our cities are operating in low-power mode, it may be the right time to record what we are really missing. What is it that makes a city? Living the City - Of Cities, People, and Stories is an architecture book that focuses on the non-physical elements that make up our cities. After a first look at urbanites it expands into emotionally and poetically charged stories that consider very basic activities such as loving, living, moving, working, learning, playing, dreaming, and participating. This publication focuses on the human side of cities, on what happens after houses are built, traffic is strategically controlled and parks are created.⁠ Buy
Ten Cities - Clubbing in Nairobi

Ten Cities

Clubbing in Nairobi, Cairo, Kyiv...
2020 - the year we read about clubbing instead of actually going clubbing.⁠ Club cultures have a rich local history and are at the same time much more differentiated geographically speaking than the story of the North Atlantic axis of Detroit–Chicago–Manchester–Berlin would have us believe. This book expands the focus. It looks at ten club capitals in Africa and Europe, reporting on different scenes from the big name to the supposedly peripheral. The local music stories, the scenes, the subcultures and their global networks are reconstructed in twenty-one essays and photo sequences. The tale they tell is one of clubs as laboratories of otherness, in which people can experiment with new ways of being and assert their claim to the city. Ten Cities is a nocturnal, sound-driven journey through ten social and urban stories from 1960 through to the present.⁠ Buy
Napoli Super Modern

Napoli Super Modern

When you think of Naples' architecture, you might think of the crumbling but lively Spanish quarters, the classic buildings of the historic centre or the grand villas of Posillipo, but rarely do you think of modernism. But there are modernist buildings all over the city, in a very particular style that combines modernism with Mediterranean culture and local materials. Napoli - Super Modern, an atlas of eighteen significant buildings from 1930-1960, illustrated with site and floor plans, views, sections and photographs by celebrated photographer Cyrille Weiner, shows another side of this vibrant metropolis under Mount Vesuvius.⁠ Buy
Mono.kultur #48 Eyal Weizman

Mono.kultur #48

Eyal Weizman
Do you know the work of Forensic Architecture? If not, then be prepared to get your mind blown! Connecting real cases of human rights and environmental violations with the tools used in architecture and design, this studio creates a Wolpertinger of art and real evidence which is then used in some of the biggest court cases and tribunals of recent years. ⁠ ⁠ From makeshift satellites constructed with a simple kite, a plastic bottle, some rubber band and a camera, documenting evidence of Bedouin inhabitation in the Negev desert where Bedouin ownership is contested; to reading the "fingerprints" of smoke clouds left behind by missile strikes; to training AI to identify teargas canisters in Hong Kong; to rebuilding whole rooms in 3D to verify the testimony of witnesses - Forensic Architecture is often challenged by voices declaring in an exhibition "This is evidence, not art!" or in a trial "This is art, not evidence!". Truth is, that exhibiting their work in art exhibitions draws international attention to cases that States or big corporations would only too gladly keep unnoticed. It helps victims be heard and get access to a public stage. It also sheds light on injustices, corruption and failures of our political systems. Which is the basis for change. But the fragments of truth are so meticulously and creatively collected, investigated and displayed that they all too often are also the missing proof in a trial. So what is it now? Art or Evidence? One of our all-time-favorite magazines mono.kultur set out to shed light on the manyfold works through an in depth interview with founder Eyal Weizman. And while you should absolutely read this heart stopping issue of mono.kultur we can already say that Forensic Architecture is the answer to the question what happens when art has real-world consequences.⁠ Buy
Floragatan 13 Curated by Acne Studios - A Magazine Curated By... Special Project #3

A Magazine Curated By – Special Project #3

Floragatan 13 Curated by Acne Studios
A special issue of A Magazine Curated By opens the doors to Floragatan 13 - the head office of Acne Studios in Stockholm. The ex-Czechoslovakian embassy evokes with its brutalist elements and concrete features the former Eastern Bloc, but once you enter ⁠stone carved furniture by Max Lamb already give you a hint that things are different here. Rooms in dusty pink, chairs in yellow leather, hangers full of samples, fabrics stuffed until the ceiling - the Acne Headquarters are designed to show the Acne-cool but also to bring to mind the experimental and ever changing structures of a fashion school. Because nothing kills innovation more than routine.⁠ Buy


Alona Pardo
Until mid January the exhibition Masculinities - Liberation through Photography is shown at the Gropius Bau in Berlin. Having previously been presented at the Barbican in London, Berlin is the second city to have the pleasure of this celebrated exhibition, that explores how masculinity is experienced, performed, and codified in photography and film from the 1960s to the present. Given the plurality of subversive masculinities that have emerged since the 1960s and the resilience of certain forms of traditional ultra-male power this is an ambitious undertaking. The accompanying comprehensive publication is no less committed. From disrupting the archetype with found photographs of Taliban fighters holding softly hands surrounded by arrangements of flowers; to fatherhood with an incredible, unsettling piece by Anna Fox. Photographs of her mothers tidy cupboards filled with pink china and rose tinted glasses are juxtaposed with violent quotes from her father like “I’m going to tear your mother to shreds with an oyster knife”, Masculinities draws wide circles to prove its point, that what makes a man a man is more complex than even Aznavour could imagine in his groundbreaking song from 1972. This exhibition and book will make you think again about the meanings of maleness in a increasingly unsettling world where we experiencing the rise of more and more alt-right groups looking for a so called "strong man" as a leader. So let us take the word "liberation" in the title literally and free ourselves from the clichés and always the same images and realise that masculinity is a social construct!⁠ Buy
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