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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

2G Arquitectura-G

2G Arquitectura-G

Arquitectura-G often work on renovations or extensions that rest upon the framework of existing buildings. Confronted with strong restrictions, like leaving the facade in its original state, Arquitectura-G finds uncommon ways to let natural light into a space and combine historic architecture with contemporary needs. Their work lets both worlds blend harmoniously or collide to create strong visual and atmospheric tensions. Their creations are structured by light, textures, angles, and framed views. Spaces intersect, inside and outside absorb each other.⁠ ⁠ One of our favourite architecture studio of all times!⁠ Buy
A Dictionary of Color Combinations

A Dictionary of Color Combinations

Sanzo Wada
The Dictionary of Color Combinations is probably one of the most beautiful books we ever held in our hands! After it has been sold out for a year, we finally have it back in stock and are mesmerized as before.⁠..⁠ ⁠ The pocket size jewel offers 348 incredible color combinations by Japanese painter Sanzo Wada. The compositions of two, three, and four tones could not be more intriguing and with its index registering the CMYK code of every shade used it is an indispensable tool for every designer.⁠ Buy
Pierre Charpin – Avec le Dessin

Pierre Charpin – Avec le Dessin

Pierre Charpin's new monograph does not show the product designer's objects but covers 17 years of his drawings!⁠ ⁠ French furniture designer Pierre Charpin's new book titled Avec le dessin takes a deep dive into his expansive visual oeuvre, exploring the many styles and approaches that he takes when drawing.⁠ ⁠ By adopting various techniques and tools, he develops forms, investigates structures and discovers colours and their combinations. But his enchanting lines, loops, ribbons and shapes are much more than just a tool for creating a product. They have the power to stand for themselves, giving us an insight into the designers mind.⁠ ⁠ "Like any child, I drew. Drawing comes before writing. A sort of original gesture, a primitive impulse, an imperative need to project tangible figures of one’s own experience and presence in the world outside oneself, for oneself, and for others”, Charpin writes in the introduction. But even though he grew up in a family of creatives, he was slow to assert real passion for any particular field – including that of drawing. It was only many years later, after entering the world of furniture and object design, that he would discover that drawing was a practice within itself.⁠ ⁠ Ranging from figurative to abstract and beyond, Avec le Dessin is a testament to the designer's versatility - and his "primitive impulse" to draw. Buy
Scenic Views #3 2022

Scenic Views

It is strange but interior magazines tend to show just one kind of interior - the stylised, designed through, decadent or minimal, but mostly rich. But there are so many interiors out there in this world. So many styles, cultures, ways of living. Scenic Views focuses on everyday interiors that have been overlooked, where personal idiosyncrasies are expressed. Instead of being clean these spaces tell stories, every detail reveals something about the people that inhabit or interact with these spaces.⁠ Buy
Reference #1

Reference #1

Do you remember Polly Pocket? As a child, you could carry your secret dream house around with you. A little plastic world in a case that looks like a powder compact. Personally, I was denied ownership of one of these kitschy dream houses, my parents didn't think much of plastic toys that make you dream of mainstream consumer objects. And yes maybe the aesthetic is questionable and yet it still has an appeal to me. It was the first time I dreamt of a house that wasn't my parents'. A symbol of independence. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ This is one of the points of investigation in the first issue of Reference, a magazine devoted to living design, from the said Polly Pocket to Stonehenge and Superstudio and many more unusual examples.⁠⁠ Buy
The House of Xavier Corbero

The House of Xavier Corbero

by Apartamento
Xavier Corberó (1935–2017) is among the foremost Spanish artists of the last century. His sculptures in rough-hewn stone, marble, and bronze gave form to ideas running through a circle of contemporary surrealist artists. His works are widely and internationally celebrated in institutions like London’s V&A and New York’s The Met. But maybe his greatest artwork is located on the outskirts of Barcelona in the form of the home he built for himself! ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Over a period of five decades, he created a series of labyrinthine rooms, levels, buildings and vaults, expanding them whenever he had money and re-planning them during morning walks with the local builder. The House of Xavier Corberó, edited by his daughter Ana Corberó, is the first publication to explore this house in Esplugues de Llobregat. It includes original photographs by Daniel Riera and a series of texts by long-time friends and colleagues of the artist: architects Ricardo Bofill and Josep Acebillo, World Architecture Festival programme director Paul Finch, artist and journalist Celia Lyttelton, RBTA director Pablo Bofill, and an interview by filmmaker Albert Moya with Corberó himself.⁠⁠ ⁠ Buy
Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life

Charlotte Perriand

The Modern Life
Charlotte Perriand was one of the great designers of the twentieth century. But she has been pushed into the shadows of iconic male designers because, well, let's face it, she's a woman. The cover of this publication is one of the most poignant testaments to that. Charlotte Perriand designed the famous chaise longue LC4 with Le Corbusier, but instead of being known as the creator of this design classic, she was for a long time just an ornament. Passively placed on it for a photo.⁠ ⁠ However, this publication sets things straight and highlights the impact she has had on the field of design. But Perriand was even more than a furniture designer of timeless classics. For her, architecture and furniture had to be considered in union to create the modern interior. She called her holistic approach "the art of living". This extensive and beautifully illustrated book traces her long career from the 1920s to the end of the century. It captures a modernist pioneer and hugely influential designer but also reveals Perriand the person: dynamic, sporting, socially minded and collaborative.⁠ Buy
New York Living Rooms - Dominique Nabokov

New York Living Rooms

Dominique Nabokov
Originally commissioned as a photo essay for the New Yorker in 1995, New York Living Rooms offers a frank and intimate study of the interior living spaces of some of the city’s most fabled cultural figures, including Susan Sontag, Norman Mailer, Louise Bourgeois, Francesco Clemente, Allen Ginsberg, and Joan Didion. With nothing added and nothing altered, photographer Dominique Nabokov calls these images her interior ‘portraits’. Some spaces are indulgent and ostentatious, others shelter the bare necessities, but Nabokov simply records them all for her fellow voyeurs.⁠ Long out of print, this updated edition brings back to life an era of New York City history, seen through Nabokov’s original Polaroid photos.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ New York Living Rooms is the first instalment in Dominique Nabokov’s holy trinity of interior photography works, re-issued by Apartamento Publishing more than two decades after it was first published in 1998. ⁠ ⁠ Buy
Aesthetics of Sustainability - Thilo Alex Brunner

Aesthetics of Sustainability

Material Experiments in Product Design
For a long time, sustainable products had the reputation of being unsexy, aesthetically somewhere between a tie-dyed T-shirt and a haystack. But these times are fortunately over. Sustainability, longevity and circularity are not only in demand as properties, but also their visibility within the material.⁠ At ECAL students of product design, established materials specialists, manufacturers and researchers came together with the aim of exploring and defining the aesthetic potential of a new generation of sustainable materials. The result of this research-through-design project is a series of fourteen case studies involving the development of materials made from textile waste, recycled paper, rubber granulate or vegetable fibers such as algae, rice husks, hemp, flax and wood. The resulting new materials can be shaped, pressed, woven or welded and offer future designers a range of practical tools and applied knowledge about the methods of analyzing and processing seminal materials, utilizing their advantageous qualities and developing functional, yet aesthetically intriguing objects.⁠ Buy
56 Days in Arles - Francois Halard

56 Days in Arles

Francois Halard
Last spring during the first lockdown, François Halard took one Polaroid every day for 56 days at his home in Arles. But this is not another Covid-lockdown publication. Under Halard's lens, every object, every piece of furniture, every painting becomes a silent souvenir of time.⁠ ⁠ Halard is rarely not traveling; so this enforced confinement was, he says, an opportunity "to look at the light coming into the house, to look at books in my library, to have another way of looking at time". The eclectic house, full of Proust's Madeleines, evokes a sense of a life lived. The hazy, dreamlike quality of these images will immerse you in memories and imaginations, giving them an intimate and poetic dimension. While the whole world stands still, Halard's house in Arles seems to breathe time.⁠ Buy
Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray

Designer and Architect
Eileen Gray is today one of the most celebrated designers and architects. But that was not always the case. Throughout her career, she struggled for acceptance as a woman in male-dominated professions. In Paris, she opened a gallery under the name Jean Désert that sold furniture and rugs. The gallery also served as an exhibition space for modern art, making Gray, albeit working under a male pseudonym, one of the first women gallerists.⁠ ⁠ She is best known, however, for her furniture, lighting, rugs, architecture, and especially for her signature Japanese lacquer technique, which she learned from Seizo Sugawara. ⁠ ⁠ Accompanying the exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery, organized by the Centre Pompidou, this richly illustrated catalog focuses on the diversity of Gray's design practices and explores the range of her architectural projects. It is divided into three sections: "Beginnings", which focuses on Gray's early life and education; "Being a Designer", which explores her career as a designer of furniture, rugs, and interiors; and "Being an Architect", which answers the prevailing question of whether Eileen Gray was an architect with a resounding yes.⁠ Buy
The Best of Nest

The Best of Nest

Nest Magazine revolutionised the way we look at interior space and decoration. The brainchild of artist and designer Joe Holtzman, Nest magazine, published from 1997 to 2004, shunned the conventionally beautiful luxury interiors of other magazines and instead featured non-traditional, exceptional, and unusual environments. With their unique style they inspired some of our most favourite nowadays magazines like apartamento.⁠⠀ The Best of Nest includes selections from all 26 issues in a series of portfolios featuring the work of writers and photographers such as Michael Cunningham, Patti Smith, Nan Goldin, and Derry Moore. Holtzman also contributes an essay offering a look behind the scenes of each issue.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Signed copies available. Buy