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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Noma 2.0

Noma 2.0

Vegetable, Forest, Ocean
Noma has been doing things differently from the start, so it's no surprise that they also do their cookbooks a little differently than others. Their latest publication, Noma 2.0 - Vegetable Forest Ocean, comes straight from their test kitchen where they experiment and research. The dishes are incredibly beautiful and highly intriguing. The combinations of flavours, textures and colours, and the unusual ingredients often found in the search for food, are meant to provide inspiration. Thus, with each beautifully arranged dish, you'll find an ingredient list and description that will spark your own ideas. However, if you don't want to "just" be inspired, but want to recreate a Noma dish in great detail, a QR code will lead you to a very detailed recipe.⁠ Buy
Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

How, Why and When We Eat Flowers
There are many more edible flowers than the three species you sometimes find on a packaged salad in the supermarket. But since others are poisonous, you need a really good guidebook to get you started. And that guide is now here!⁠ ⁠ More than 100 flowers are presented with their flavor profiles, origins, and edible plant parts, accompanied by vivid photographic portraits. Simple recipes and short essays written by a number of famous chefs, artists, and writers tell the creative and gastronomic story of edible flowers, making this practical handbook an entertaining read. Buy
Mushrooms – Martin Nordin

Mushrooms – Martin Nordin

Over 70 Recipes That Celebrate Our Favorite Fungi
They are a key research object for decentralisation, a source for new medicine, sustainable materials can be produced from them and they can sustain critical ecosystems - so it's no wonder that fungi are on everyone's lips at the moment. But let's not forget that they also taste simply delicious!⁠ ⁠ They offer deep, rich umami flavours and a distinctive texture. And there are countless cooking techniques: boil, fry, oven roast, grill, bake, dry… In this book you will find recipes for everything from soups and broths to mushroom skewers, pizzas and mushroom sandwiches, often paired with scintillating spices or hints of sour, pickled or smoked flavours.⁠ ⁠ Mushrooms are the perfect ingredient, especially now when so many people are looking for alternatives to meat. Whether you’re an avid mushroom forager or would rather not risk picking your own, this cookbook is for you. In addition to dishes with the usual suspects, such as button mushrooms or portobello, Martin Nordin guides you through the large selection of different mushrooms available in nature and in shops, such as chanterelle, porcini, oyster, shiitake and enoki. ⁠ Buy
Fare - Lisbon

Fare – Lisbon

Surprise Subscription #21
Let’s be clear: summer is overrated. The sun glares down from the sky, insects swarm in the air, the beaches heave with crowds; everywhere you go there is the palpable feeling that you should be out “having fun” and “making memories”--which is honestly a tall order to fill when stuck on a crammed train or plane with 100 kilos of luggage in tow. And to top it all off, it is too hot to enjoy our favorite foods! No soups or hearty stews or thick steaks or quiches or deep red wines; far from that, we find ourselves cornered and subjected to the humble pleasure of…salad. So now, as September makes its grand appearance after months of estival inferno, it is time to fire up our stoves and get cracking on the good stuff. Which brings us to Fare–this month’s Surprise Subscription choice. More
Fatboy Zine #4 2022

Fatboy Zine #4 2022

We've loved FatBoy Zine since the first issue! It's packed with delicious and unusual recipes, beautifully wrapped in incredible graphic design and served with gorgeous photos! An absolute gem!⁠ ⁠ FatBoy Zine describes itself as a greedy attempt to document Asian food and Identity. Founder Chris O’Leary takes himself and his various-countries-calling-home upbringing as the starting point. Through recipes, he shows how food naturally transcends all distances and borders. And how it can tell the story of a multinational identity through its mix. ⁠ ⁠ Issue 4 focuses on the chefs and creatives who have left Asia, but have decided to recreate it in their own way in Europe and the US. The issue includes three interviews from established chefs, Lucas Sin (Shy Boyz Club & Junzi Kitchen), Erchen Chang and Shing Tat Chung (BAO) and Rahel Stephanie (Eat With Spoons / Linda From Accounting). Each interviewee gives their opinion on process, representation and what drives their food and conversation outside of the kitchen. The issue of course has the staple 5 recipes, from Chilli Oil to a Burnt Cocon.⁠ Buy
One Ingredient Recipes

One Ingredient Recipes

Surprise Subscription #15
In our Surprise Subscription this month is a treat from the curious, charming publishing house Happy Potato Press. While we fell in love with all of Happy Potato’s creations immediately, we have to admit that the cheerful yellow cover of ‘One Ingredient Recipes’ in particular always brings a smile to our faces. And we thought perhaps it could do the same for you! More
Poetry is Growing in our Garden

Poetry is Growing in our Garden

Notes on wine-making and wine-drinking
Anders Frederik Steen, one of the central figures of natural winemaking, started out as a sommelier in Copenhagen - first at Noma, then opening Relæ and Manfreds - before heading to the South of France in 2013 to become a winemaker himself. These are his notes on winemaking and wine drinking, but they are also the doubts and insights during the learning process.⁠⁠ Poetry is Growing in our Garden shows what it means to understand (and misunderstand) wine, to taste and pair it, the balance between craftsmanship and abstract philosophy, and the technical details, in short, the thoughts of someone deep in their craft.⁠⁠ Buy
Amphorea Me Kéfi

Amphorea Me Kéfi

Fresh off the press: The fantastic cookbook Amphorea Me Kéfi. Not only is this beautiful project self-published with heart and attention to detail, but the recipes are collected over years and tell the story of a family and togetherness - and (obviously) food. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ The Greek soil is barren, unruly and yet fertile. Pigments and herbs, plants and fruits are constant sources of recipes, ideas, stories and images. It all started with Giagia, the Greek grandmother who passed on her passion for cooking to all her six children, including her second-born son Stelios. The secret of this cuisine: fresh ingredients processed by hand and Greek gold - olive oil - as the basis. Over the years, Stylianos' traditional dishes have been refined and developed into an authentic and independent cuisine. Daughter Dimitra has been collecting his recipes for years. This gave rise to the idea of publishing them in a cookbook. After almost exactly thirty years, Stelios and Regula are closing the chapter of Taverna Amphorea and passing on the space and tradition to a new generation. The cookbook is meant to let the recipes of Taverna Amphorea and the Greek way of life celebrated in it - kefi - travel on. "Amphorea Me Kefi" is a matter of the heart and a way of life.⁠⁠ Buy
1 Brot - Es ist broternst

1 Brot

Es ist broternst
We love bread! But times are changing and the staple food has been torn between supermarkets with cheap ready-made baked goods full of additives and beautifully designed new bakeries that make bread an expensive commodity for sometimes, but definitely not for everyday consumption. And then there are the intolerances and the demonisation of carbohydrates. Gone are the days when bread was bought from a baker with tradition and knowledge at a low price and eaten daily. Bread has become a social question. ⁠ ⁠ Brot is dedicated to what is probably the most important food, the bread - at least for Germans. Buy
Leaked Recipes - The Cookbook

Leaked Recipes

The Cookbook
This cookbook is dishing up recipes from major data leak scandals. ⁠Our years with the internet have been marked by an exponential growing mass of data - and the scandalous leaks of some of that collected information. But while everyone scours with paranoia the overabundance of material in those leaks to find incriminating information - there must be something there, right?! It cannot only be chaos! - Demetria Glace has found actual cooking recipes in the data clutter.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Released just in time for hacking season, The Leaked Recipes Cookbook showcases over 50 recipes found in the biggest email leaks of the last 15 years, including the very best cookie and a "secret" barbecue sauce among many others.⁠⠀ Beginning in March 2016, Democrats started to receive emails from companies like Google asking them to click on the link to reset their passwords. Some of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers did. And that is how we got the recipe for the Genovese Pie! Of course this is also how Pizzagate came to life and screwed with the head of some out of touch with reality people, but that you will find in another chapter: The Conspiracy Course.⁠⠀ Buy
Lost in - Cooks

Lost In

Some trips are too short for bad meals!⁠ From a Ceviche recipe for exciting summer nights that leave you no time to cook to a romantic roasted pig's head dinner for the non faint-at-heart couples to a dish that feeds the desire for the smell of salt on your skin even when the sea is far away - 11 chefs from iconic restaurants let you into their secrets, each sharing one recipe so you can travel without leaving home. For what better way to teleport to a place than through smells and tastes. Buy
30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution - Ollie Hunter

30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution

Ollie Hunter
The fact that our future doesn't look that bright when we keep business as usual is frankly nothing new. Ollie Hunter's sustainable cook book 30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution may doesn't have the one and only solution but it is a beginning to change the way we produce, buy, utilise and eat organic and (!) affordable food. This book gives an insightful understanding of sustainable approaches with a zero waste policy shifting the perspective on growing veggies by your own, avoiding plastic and how to get the finest seasonal ingredients within 30 miles around you. Buy