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In the past 12 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Creatures - Sam Chermayeff (et al.)


Sam Chermayeff (et al.)
Look what just arrived! We are super excited to have the new book from Sam Chermayeff and Apartamento in the shop. ⁠'Creatures', edited by Moritz Küng, is a look back through nearly two decades of experimental projects undertaken by the Berlin-based architect Sam Chermayeff and his collaborators—for the most part pieces of furniture whose use, appearance, or application has been reimagined and readapted. But these ‘creatures’ are not just conceptual; they’re made to be lived with daily and all start with the idea that personal whim is probably the best guide for producing any design that’s to be lived with day in, day out.⁠ Buy
Cabana #13 S/S 2020

Cabana #13 S/S 2020

We love minimalism, really we do - but sometimes, just sometimes, we find ourselves wanting a little bit more. ⁠Enter Cabana - the interiors magazine for the maximalist in all of us! Every page is a feast of colour, texture, pattern and shape. In the newest issue, Cabana invites us into some of the most original and beautiful interiors in the world, from Paris to London to Beirut to LA, Miguel Flores-Vianna takes us on a photographic tour of the Denizli mosques in all their lovely imperfection, and Guido Taroni profiles the baroque visions of architect-designer Piero Portaluppi.⁠ Buy
Openhouse #13 2020

Openhouse #13

Openhouse is in the house! In this issue, they take time to reflect upon memories of a journey, share a weekend with Axel Vervoordt to discuss travel and collecting, spend a day at Casa das Canoas by Oscar Niemeyer just before his great-grandson and former partner take up its renovation, take residence at Casa Estudio Max Cetto with his grandson in Mexico City, and ending the inspiring Mexico trip at the home of sculptor and designer Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernández.⁠ Buy
Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever traces the course of the cabin in North America—from the simple architecture of colonial settlements to contemporary interpretations feverishly circulated across the Internet—showing how this humble architectural form has been appropriated for its symbolic value and helped shape a larger cultural identity. The publication follows a tripartite structure—Shelter, Utopia and Porn—that maps the formal evolution of the cabin typology within a changing set of social and cultural desires.
Cabin fever sketches a beautiful narrative about the history of cabin culture and the passions underlying its evolution in North America. Printed on smooth uncoated paper and a hard medium size cover, the book presents the cabin as an architectural and cultural constitution in view of three notions: shelter, which explores the cabin’s practical details accompanying the historical Westward land explorations, utopia, which represents an outlook on the cabin being an excellent site for distancing and contemplation, and porn, which positions it in popular culture. This brings to light the great purposes behind having a cabin, having in mind the works of the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Edward Abbey and Gary Snyder, but at the same time serves as a symbol of colonization and displacement of indigenous people. Cabin Fever is produced along the Cabin Fever exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Buy
Night Fever (EN)

Night Fever (EN)

Designing Club Culture
What does this magnificent volume from Vitra Museum’s ongoing Night Fever exhibition has to offer? For one, a luminous flashback into the frenzies of the last fifty years’ nocturnal living with rare insights into how the nightlife culture evolved hand-in-hand with design ideas. It starts with the years leading to the rise of disco, in a time the dance floor turned into a magnetic field for all types of creatives. Hovering through the allure of nightly melodies, lights, design and architecture, Night Fever profiles a superb list of clubs from the Italian Radial Design clubs and Manchester"s Hacienda, to studio 54 of Andy Warhol and the Ministry of Sound in London, showing some of the period’s promotional leaflets, party invitations, floor plans, vintage photographs and records, and many great stories about the wicked creatures of the night. Buy
Berlin Living Rooms

Berlin Living Rooms

Dominique Nabokov
Berlin Living Rooms concludes Dominique Nabokov’s living rooms photo series, which started in New York, then moved to Paris and finally settles in the German capital. Different people including writer and opera director Jenny Erpenbeck, director of the Berlin Biennale Dieter Kosslig, and former editor-in-chief of German Vogue Angelica Blechschmidt, have agreed to open their doors and share some of what is usually part of a safely private world. We note that some of these chambers are unmistakably tidy and minimal, others, -through the suggestive power of their decorative items- recall a different era; be it the DDR, or the Weimar Republic, they are guaranteed to take you into wide-ranging departments of aesthetic preferences. It goes without saying that this book doesn"t really pretend to disclose all sorts of adopted styles of the Berlin dwellers as much as it offers an eclectic view on the taste of a city. Buy
House Tour

House Tour

Views of the Unfinished Interior
Internal shots of empty new apartments taken at the level of the eye are becoming a way on its own in architectural representation. Published along the 2018 exhibition titled “House Tour” which takes place from May 26 to November 24 at La Biennale di Venezia, “House Tour, Views of the Unfurnished Interior” offers a taste of the exhibition’s visual journey through the interiors of contemporary Swiss housing architecture. A first 48 pages section is complemented by a second section of essays through which the various norms, logics and secrets of the displayed models are revealed. It helps us understand the landscape of the contemporary interiors and develop new perspectives on its topology, its past and its present. Buy