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Nathalie du Pasquier

Famous as a designer and founding member of the Memphis Group, Nathalie Du Pasquier’s main medium became painting, and that since 35 years. For Nathalie Du Pasquier, the boundaries between design and art are fluid. Easily navigating between pattern, textile, ceramics, and painting, she allows shapes, spaces and forms to interrelate. Her use of colour is unparalleled. ⁠

This book, accompanying Pasquier’s exhibition at MACRO in Rome, moves between exhibition catalogue and artist’s book. Photographs of Nathalie Du Pasquier’s works, installation views of the exhibition are juxtaposed with excerpts from texts by various authors and personalities that are fundamental to Pasquier’s practice. The pages of this wonderfull publication become exhibition spaces themselves, allowing associations and combinations. They enable a deeper understanding and engagement with Nathalie Du Pasquier’s work and her imagination.⁠ So instead of merely being an exhibition catalogue, this publication can be seen as an extension of the exhibition itself.⁠


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