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The Plague

The Plague - Albert Camus

The Plague

Albert Camus

The townspeople of Oran are in the grip of a deadly plague, which condemns its victims to a swift and horrifying death.⁠ Fear, isolation and claustrophobia follow as they are forced into quarantine. Each person responds in their own way to the lethal disease: some resign themselves to fate, some seek blame, and a few, like Dr Rieux, resist the terror.⁠ Sounds familiar? It is no surprise that The Plague by Albert Camus got a “second wave” in Covid-19 times. However the deadly plague in this story is an allegory of France’s suffering under the Nazi occupation. But with the uprising of fascist voices all over the world also this aspect of the novel from 1947 couldn’t be more current. Unfortunately for this kind of plague we will be waiting long for a vaccine.⁠


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