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Full Scale False Scale

Full Scale False Scale - Notes on Experimental Jetset Vol. 3

Full Scale False Scale

Notes on Experimental Jetset Vol. 3

“Mies stands out so far today that one must stand for him, against him, underneath him, on top of him, on his shoulders if you get there. My stand today is violently anti-Miesian.” – Philip Johnson ⁠

For their recent installation at MoMA Experimental Jetset made a sorrow research which they compiled in the reader Full Scale False Scale, named after a Pavilion built in 1962 by architect and architecture critic Philip Johnson. The reader accumulates quotes and theories on architecture, construction, colour, elementarism, de Stijl, and international style with a focus on Philip Johnson and influences by Mies van der Rohe, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and Theo van Doesburg. Sorted only by chapters it lets you into the manyfold thoughts on (and against) modernist architecture with strong quotes that stand alone – uncommented, without hierarchy. ⁠

⁠ “I wanted deliberately to fly in the face of the modern tradition of functionalist architecture by tying on to an older, nobler tradition of garden architecture. (…) In 1963, we are, I should imagine, thoroughly sick of Utilitarianism in all its forms, but one of the most banal effects of this philosophy has been its effect om the art of architecture. Usefulness as a criterion condemns our art to a mere technological scheme.” – Philip Johnson ⁠

“The surface is ultimately the only determining factor in architecture, humanity does not live in construction but in the atmosphere evoked by the surfaces.” – Theo van Doesburg ⁠


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