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Confessions Set 1

Carrousel Confessions Confusion 1 Set 1 - Jan De Vylder

Confessions Set 1

Jan De Vylder, Peter Swinnen, Arno Brandlhuber

“I still remember that day I took the bike and headed down to the house that René Heyvaert built for his brother Gilbert. It was a grey day and it must have been somewhere early spring. It was some half an hour’s drive. Though grey weather it was not cold anymore.” tells Jan De Vylder in “Carrousel Confessions Confusion”. The publication reveals in three booklets the architectural confessions of three architects – Jan De Vylder, Arno Brandlhuber, and Peter Swinnen.⁠⁣ ⁣Jan De Vylder’s confession is deeply personal and tells the story of an admiration for the architect René Heyvaert that urged him to visit that one house year after year. He stared at it from the distance, imagining how it might feel to live inside. While Arno Brandlhuber takes the word confession at its root and looks closely at the Peter and Paul church in Dettingen, just ten minutes away from where he grew up. As a young boy he had to make a presentation on Dettingen. And even though he does not state it himself, when you see the pictures of the interior of the church you can not help but feel the influence this unusual building had on Brandlhuber’s architectural vision – raw concrete, high reaching columns still showing the traces of the formwork, unadorned surfaces meet zigzag relief and milky light.⁠⁣
⁣”Carousel Confessions Confusion” unfolds the way of seeing of these three architects and ultimately lets you understand their mind and workings. And that probably more than if you would look at their own works. ⁠⁣


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